A New Meaning For ‘Office Pool’

The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence, but on the other side of the pond it’s greener still.
McCann-Erickson’s Northern British office, located in Prestbury, is a converted 19th century country house with a recently opened swimming pool.
The agency has been working with Cary Cooper, professor of organizational psychology at the Manchester School of Management, to find out how staffers could improve their creativity, according to Reuters.
Cooper’s solution was to encourage staff members to take a five-minute dip whenever they felt artistically blocked.
So, has it worked?
“Absolutely. You should see the difference,” said agency representative Sue Jordan. “The clients love it.”
While staffers are allowed to use the pool anytime they want, more men than women have been diving in during the workday. The pool is visible from most areas of the building and thus, Jordan said, female staffers haven’t been quite so keen to wear swimsuits in the office as their male counterparts observe. -Jim Edwards