If McDonald’s replaces its ‘What you want is what you get’ tagline, as it and lead agency Leo Burnett are thought to be exploring, don’t be surprised if the new theme incorporates the word ‘easy.’
Easy was the watchword during McDonald’s teleconference with reporters after its private meeting with securities analysts last week. Vice chairman Jack Greenberg said McDonald’s focus will continue to be its ‘good, hot, easy-to -eat food,’ while McDonald’s USA president Ed Rensi said the goal is to keep it ‘the brand that represents the easiest quick-service restaurant for the consumer to visit. Easy in and out. Easy on the pocketbook. Easy on the mind.’
Not to be outdone, chairman Michael Quinlan vowed to keep McDonald’s ‘the easiest choice for customers.’ Quinlan gave ‘What you want’ a lukewarm vote of confidence, saying it ‘seems to fit us. Right now we’re pretty happy with it.’ He predicted ‘no drastic changes in our advertising’ in 1994.
McDonald’s execs did announce plans to step up unit expansion, especially outside the U.S., opening as many as 1,200 stores annually. In the U.S., McDonald’s will concentrate on what it called ‘satellite’ units, such as those opened in conjunction with gas stations (ADWEEK, Oct. 18).
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