New Logo by Pentagram’s Paula Scher Heralds Return of New York’s Quad Cinema

A pair of institutions that dates back to the 1970s

When the Quad Cinema reopens in Greenwich Village April 14, there will be all kinds of things for patrons to enjoy: a wine bar; new sightlines; a screen dedicated to repertory fare; and a stark, modern logo designed by Paula Scher that makes use of a custom font.

Scher started out as an art director in the 1970s, not long after the Quad Cinema opened in 1972 as New York’s first multiplex. She has been a partner at the New York offices of Pentagram since 1991 and has created all sorts of memorable corporate and public insignia:

In the mid-1990s, Scher’s landmark identity for The Public Theater fused high and low into a wholly new symbology for cultural institutions, and her recent architectural collaborations have re-imagined the urban landscape as a dynamic environment of dimensional graphic design. Her graphic identities for Citibank and Tiffany & Co. have become case studies for the contemporary regeneration of American brands.

Programming for the new Quad Cinema will be overseen by Christopher Wells, formerly with New York City’s IFC Center, and Gavin Smith, who has previously worked as an editor for Film Comment magazine. The four-screen Quad Cinema has been closed since 2015 and is a renovation project of Cohen Media Group and the Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation. From the re-opening announcement:

“Not only was the Quad New York’s first multi-screen cinema,” said Charles S. Cohen, “it was also a true neighborhood theater, drawing Village audiences with its sophisticated art-house fare. The new Quad will preserve both the welcoming, communal atmosphere and the cultural cachet of the original theater while updating—and upgrading—the moviegoing experience for contemporary cinephiles.”

“The redesign will be intimate and luxurious, but most importantly, it’s the range and quality of our programming that will distinguish our identity, bringing people together over a shared love for the movies. It’s an exciting time for filmgoing in New York City and I can’t think of two people with more knowledge and more passion than Chris and Gavin to better curate the experience at the new Quad.”