New Line to Reprise The Mutant Turtles — Aberrant Reptiles, Backed by Huge Marketing Push, To Visit Feudal Japan

LOS ANGELES – New Line Cinema launches the third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ movie March 19 on 2,000 screens. It will be backed by more than $50 million in advertising, corporate tie-ins and licensing – with large chunks of support from Burger King and Playmates Toys.
‘We’re doing everything and probably more than we did in the first two pictures,’ said Mitch Goldman, president of distribution at New Line Cinema. ‘What this film has is a premise that’s a little bit different than the first two. That’s translating into more enthusiasm and driving a lot of these corporations.’
The new movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Turtles Are Back. . . . In Time, takes the four Turtle stars out of the New York City sewers and time-travels them back into feudal Japan. Turtles I and II grossed about $300 million at the box office and sales of Turtle-related products have exceeded $2 billion.
Burger King is among 20 companies set to unveil marketing campaigns to take advantage of either Easter school holidays or the Toy Fair in New York next month.
Burger King is spending nearly $8 million on a bicycle-safety promo at its 5,800 outlets and an extensive TV schedule of after-school, Saturday morning and primetime programs targeted at kids and parents. One of five Turtle premiums is to be distributed with Kid’s Meals, including a Turtle Bike Horn and a Turtle Bike License Plate.
Playmates Toys, the master toy licensee for the Turtles, is to unveil its ‘Movie Start Turtles’ action figures and accessories. Archie Comics plans to publish a special Turtles III comic book, Pacific Outlook will introduce sportswear, Western Graphics is set to introduce movie posters and Bibb Co. will introduce sheets and pillow cases.
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