New Leash On Life

Another TV icon from the 1960s has turned pitchman, er, pitchdog. Lassie, the canine heroine, appears in a new TV spot for Smith’s Food & Drug Centers,
a regional chain of grocery stores based in Salt Lake City.
Created by Harris & Love, the spot pokes lighthearted fun at the classic TV series. As in the show, Lassie comes to the rescue of her human family in the Smith’s spot. Instead of saving Timmy from falling in a well, however, Lassie alerts mom to Smith’s Big Fresh Values grocery sale. The pooch is even clever enough to remind mom to grab the keys and the frequent shopping card needed to get the savings. The tagline is, “A fresh approach to saving money.”
Getting Lassie to appear in the spot was no easy task, according to Harris & Love vice president and senior art director Preston Wood. The Salt Lake City agency had to secure rights from Golden Books, which owns the license. In addition, the real Lassie (the eighth generation descendant of the original dog) had to be used. The ad is running in Utah and Arizona.
-Angela Dawson