In New IBM Ads, Watson Chides Ridley Scott for His Portrayal of Artificial Intelligence

And Stephen King talks storytelling

IBM's Watson is perhaps most famous for beating its human competition in Jeopardy, but this week, IBM continued its ad campaign highlighting how the supercomputer uses data to solve business problems. In 15 spots from Ogilvy & Mather that launched during the Masters golf tournament this weekend, IBM used celebrities, thought leaders and brands to show the power of Watson and the IBM Cloud.

Director Ridley Scott and author Stephen King follow in the footsteps of Bob Dylan, who appeared in Watson spots in October discussing the data behind music. Scott, who also appeared in Watson ads in February, discusses artificial intelligence in the new ads. Watson tells the director that the way he portrays AI in his movies, which include Alien and Blade Runner, is "not flattering," and that in the real world, Watson helps humans "reduce waste, detect fraud and fight pollution."  

King chats with Watson about storytelling and connecting with an audience. "Whether you're a writer, like Stephen King or any business person, the need to connect with your audience is really important, and the ads show that Watson can help you do that," Ann Rubin, vp of branded content and global creative at IBM, told Adweek.

Actual IBM customers also are featured in the ads. The head of North Face talks with Watson about how it's helping the brand create a tool that refines recommendations for online shopping, and a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic discusses how Watson helps the hospital and its doctors manage patient data. 

Similarly, the IBM Cloud ads feature stories about IBM's real customer engagements, such as developing apps for banks and helping design the car-sharing service Car2Go. "Showing real examples is always really powerful in advertising because people want to know that it's worked for others," Rubin said. "We show that all of these companies are becoming successful with these products and services from IBM and that you can, too."

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