New Horizon: Media Shop Polishes Image

NEW YORK Horizon Media is about to unveil a new marketplace positioning statement, along with a new logo and updated Web site. It’s the first branding and image revamp for the independent media shop in 10 years, said founder and CEO Bill Koenigsberg.

The new “Business is personal” replaces the outgoing “Marketing-driven media services company” tagline. According to Koenigsberg, being marketing driven is “the cost of entry” for any media shop hoping to be successful now. “There’s nothing incredibly unique about that in today’s world,” he said.

“Business is personal” in part plays off Horizon’s track record of retaining numerous clients for a decade or more. NBC Universal, for example, has been a client for 18 years, through five reviews. Insurance company Geico has been a client for 14 years, and the Foxwoods casino has been on the roster for 10 years.

“That’s how we’ve grown the business,” said Koenigsberg. “At the end of the day besides having to have all of the right tools, great strategic thought leaders and being able to buy at the best possible rates in the market, there has to be a significant emotional attachment as well to your clients’ well-being.”

“Business is personal” also recognizes the trust that agency and client must develop toward one another, said Koenigsberg. “You’ve got to build up that trust so your clients allow you to take risks, and so that they feel comfortable with you leading them. That’s all about having this really personal connection with your clients. That’s what drives people to go that extra mile,” he said.