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Marketers are realizing that they must be inclusive in their work, focus on diversity in all the ways it manifests for consumers—and embrace groups that they have long marginalized. In our New Consumer package, we look at those inclusivity efforts across race, age and ability, including how brands should (and shouldn’t) talk to Gen Alpha, the importance of closing the representation gap by looking within one’s own company and why embracing inclusive design boosts relevancy (and profits). The goal, to quote Google CMO Lorraine Twohill, is to “make marketing work better for everyone.”

KR Liu Used to Hide Her Disability. Now She’s Advertising’s Biggest Accessibility Advocate

People with disabilities make up 15% of the population but are visible in only 2% of advertising. Those shamefully low numbers are finally starting to tick up thanks to trailblazers like our cover subject, KR Liu. After losing most of her hearing at age 3, Google’s head of brand accessibility has become one of the industry’s most influential advocates for inclusive representation. In our March cover story, Liu talked with Adweek about her incredible journey from initially hiding her disability at work to helping marketers get serious about inclusion with Google’s Accessible Marketing Playbook. READ MORE.