NEW CAMPAIGNS: WESTERN Client: Yonex Corp., Torrance Calif.

Agency: Team One Advertising, El Segundo, Calif.
Creative Directors: Tom Cordner, Scott Bremner
Copywriter: Tom Mescall
Art Director: Nic York Photographer: Herman Agopian

In addition to holding a formal casting call, photographer Herman Agopian made impromptu forays through Gold’s Gym and Venice Beach to find the right man for this Yonex ad. He ended up with Mr. Canada, Claude Groux, whose bulging muscles are used to convey the power of a new Yonex golf club. The campaign, which broke this month, includes a mix of print and collateral ads, as well as interactive communications.
“The Titanium Plus iron with the Pendulum Power system is an important technological innovation for Yonex,” said JoAnn Yoneyama, senior vice president at Yonex. “We needed a campaign that would say to consumers, ‘Titanium Plus is power to the extreme.”’ The headline reads, “The Power of Muscle Beach. Now Available at Pebble Beach.”
“This is an edgy, new approach for Yonex and a departure from the way most products in the category are advertised,” said Jack Gold, Team One Advertising’s account supervisor. -Kathy Tyrer


Client: Diadora America, Kent, Wash.
Agency: Hammerquist & Saffel, Seattle
Creative Directors: Fred Hammerquist, Hugh Saffel
Art Director: Mike Proctor
Copywriter: Ian Cohen

Hammerquist & Saffel’s print campaign for Diadora America focuses on the sporting goods company’s Italian roots to promote its line of soccer shoes. Using humor that plays off Italy’s well-known obsession with the game, the ads target 13-24-year-old soccer enthusiasts and coaches. One ad reads, “In Italy there are people who don’t follow soccer. Of course, they’re dead.” Another uses a mock tombstone to conjure the notion that the shoes will help the wearer defeat an opponent. It reads, “Guiseppe Fellini. He was one of the best Italian defenders. Was. 1962-1997.” Other ads feature soccer athletes George Weah, Gianluca Vialli and Robert Baggio. “I’ve always felt that our work distinguished itself from the Nikes and the Reeboks of the world by coming from the place only Diadora could: its own Italian heritage,” said copywriter Ian Cohen. Ads are running in soccer publications.-Angela Dawson


Client: City of San Francisco
Agency: Hal Riney & Partners, San Francisco
Creative Director: Hal Riney
Art Directors/ Copywriters: Jerry Andelin, Paul Mimiaga
Photographer: Bob Mizona
Hal Riney & Partners’ promotional campaign for San Francisco’s U.S. Conference of Mayors broke early last week to welcome more than 400 visiting mayors from all over the U.S. The conference, led by San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, is being touted as one of the most ultra-extravagant and event-oriented mayoral conferences in history. Keynote speakers include President Clinton and Vice President Gore. Each of Riney’s ads spotlights a mayor’s black top hat along with a slice of Bay Area life, such as a huge, fresh crab, a table in a restaurant in the city’s Italian district of North Beach or a loaf of sourdough and a bottle of wine. “The work is a celebration of the city of San Francisco, its special qualities and its diversity,” said Minda Santiago, Riney’s assistant account executive for the campaign. “And the mayoral hat is such a strong visual that Hal Riney decided to have it present in all of the ads.” The executions for the outdoor campaign blitz are featured on bus shelters, kiosks and billboards. -Jane Irene Kelly