Client: San Diego Wild Animal Park, San Diego

Agency: Phillips-Ramsey, San Diego

Creative Director: Tony Durket

Copywriter: Tony Durket

Art Director: Mike Hall

Producer: Jackie Ganser

Director: John Alper, A Pictures, New York

Hot on the heels of The English Patient, Phillips-Ramsey spoofs the romanticism of the safari film genre in its summer campaign for the San Diego Wild Animal Park. A TV commercial now airing in Southern California, accompanied by a radio spot and two soon-to-be-aired TV spots, promotes the park’s Heart of Africa exhibit.

The campaign delivers in grandiose, tongue-in-cheek detail the perils of Jonathan, who is on an African safari that is hot, dirty and fraught with mishaps, as he exchanges love letters with Natalie, who is enjoying the wonderful safari at the park. ‘The whole idea was a takeoff, a contrast between a safari gone bad and a real safari,’ explained Phillips-Ramsey’s Tony Durket, creative director and copywriter on the campaign.

The first spot in the campaign shows Jonathan swatting flies as he writes to Natalie, explaining his quest for the white rhino. The second depicts Jonathan reading a letter from Natalie and oblivious to a rhino wreaking havoc on his camp. The third features Natalie’s new interest in Jonathan’s friend, whom she meets at the park……–Kathy Tyrer


Client: SamTrans, San Mateo, Calif.

Agency: FJCandN, Salt Lake City

Creative Director: Dave Newbold

Copywriter: David Morring

Art Director: Richard Oliver

Photographer: Dan Arsenault

SamTrans appeals to independence-seeking teenagers, while amusing their frustrated parents, in a new busboard campaign. The ad, created by FJCandN, features a head shot of a rebellious adolescent male, complete with ski cap and pierced lip. Copy on the ad reads, ‘Ever thought your mom might be just as embarrassed to drive you around.’ SamTrans then offers teenagers a solution: purchasing a summer youth pass. The pass allows those 17 years old and younger to ride the bus during the entire summer for $25. The ad currently appears on indoor bus panels. Posted flyers and print ads in the San Mateo Times and the San Francisco Chronicle support the busboard campaign……–Teresa Buyikian


Client: Portland Mitsubishi Dealers Association, Portland, Ore.

Agency: AKA Advertising, Portland, Ore.

Creative Director: Doug Lowell

Art Directors: Andrew Keller, Marc Sobier

Copywriters: Tom Van Ness, Doug Lowell

Producer: David Cress

Director: Vance Malone

AKA tries to build name recognition for two of Mitsubishi’s sportier models for this dealer group in two new TV ads. Instead of focusing on the usual sports car story of speed and power for the Eclipse, the agency hones in on the real reason most people buy them: to get attention. ‘The Eclipse is a sexy car that will definitely draw eyes, which is quite important to our young and single audience,’ said Doug Lowell, the agency’s creative director. ‘But who wants to admit they’re dying to be looked at?’ The spot addresses that need for attention in a humorous way. A guy dressed as a bear calls out, ‘Hey, look at me,’ to people walking by. He starts out subtly, but eventually his pleas become more desperate, to the point where he’s stomping his feet and shouting. The tagline: ‘Mitsubishi. Just a little bit different.’ In a spot for the Mirage, the agency compares the mating rituals of frogs, cranes and other wild animals to those of people……–Angela Dawson

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