Client: Pro Kennex, San Diego Agency: Bates USA West, Irvine, Calif. Creative Director: Richard Butt Copywriter: Josh Lieber Art Director: Campbell Templeton

In the agency’s first work for the sports equipment manufacturer, Bates USA West highlights Pro Kennex’s use of technology in its tennis rackets. The print ad is a color spread depicting a tennis ball smashing through glass. To the right of the photo, the text explains the racquet’s technology: ‘If you smashed into a tree at 65 mph, you’d hope your seatbelt would stop you from shattering the windshield with your face. Now pretend there is no seatbelt. Congrats. You understand Kinetics.’

The ad goes on to explain Pro Kennex’s patented technology, which incorporates microbearings into the frame of the racquet, delivering more energy to the ball on impact, as well as reducing shock and vibration. Appearing at the bottom of the print execution is the tagline, ‘Putting energy back in the game.’

‘The ad is based on the proven technology, which makes the racquets obsolete,’ said Bates USA West creative director Richard Butt. ‘You can take the technology out of the Pro Kennex racquets and put it in another racquet, but Pro Kennex has the patent on the technology.’ The print spread breaks in tennis magazines in August. Similar ads for Pro Kennex’s line of golf clubs and hockey sticks will also be developed, according to Butt. The agency won the account in April. –Teresa Buyikian


Client: Phoenix Newspapers, Phoenix Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Phoenix Creative Directors: Eric Labas, Chris Poisson Art Director: Greg Auer Copywriter: Dennis Lewis Producer: Linda Hart Production Company: George Klein, Dallas

For the first time in seven years, the Arizona Republic is advertising. The campaign includes TV, print and outdoor executions and was created by Cramer-Krasselt, which won the account in January. The tagline, ‘It’s your world,’ underscores a strategy of better living through better information. The work targets active people with limited time for reading. The message is that in addition to providing news, the Arizona Republic provides information that enhances people’s lives. Billboards feature the various sections of the newspaper, including arts, business and sports. TV ads include images that reflect the various sections along with shots of columnists and cartoonists at the paper. Todd Rundgren rerecorded his song ‘Utopia: One World’ for the spots. The campaign, which broke this month, will run throughout the year.–Angela Dawson


Client: Kikkoman International, San Francisco Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding, San Francisco Creative Director: Paul Wolfe Art Director: Arthur Vibert Copywriter: Mike Leonard Director: Terry Heffernan

Foote, Cone & Belding tries to encourage cooks to use bottled teriyaki and soy sauces in unexpected ways in its first campaign for Kikkoman International. Using the tagline, ‘The big secret in the little bottle,’ the TV and print ads present dishes such as grilled salmon and meat loaf made with the client’s sauces. ‘We see ourselves competing with any ingredient that might be used to heighten the taste of a dish, whether the dish is traditionally associated with soy or teriyaki sauce or not,’ said Masaki Miki, company president. The campaign consists of six TV spots and seven magazine ads. Each execution features a new food that can be enhanced with a Kikkoman sauce. The tone is designed ‘to appeal to consumers’ imagination,’ said agency representative Tom Robbins. A print ad with a close-up shot of a pizza made with grilled vegetables features the headline, ‘Soy sauce dates back 2,500 years. We’ve had plenty of time to think of what to do with it.’ The TV spots are running through the summer in 18 markets nationwide. –Joan Voight

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