NEW CAMPAIGNS: SOUTHEAST Client: The Stripling Center, Atlanta

Agency: Match, Atlanta
Creative Director/Art Director: B.A. Albert
Creative Director/Copywriter: Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin
Producer: Christina Cairo
Director: Norm Reiss, Crossroads Film, Los Angeles

Intending to show how impotence affects men of all ages and physiques, a television spot for an Atlanta urology clinic mixes Michelangelo’s “David” with some unexpected humor. Created by Match, Atlanta, the commercial alternates between two flirting statues, David and a sculpted female friend. “Impotence can happen to anyone,” says the voiceover, adding that in most cases, a visit to The Stripling Center will solve the problem. At that point, the viewer hears the sound of stone cracking while the marble maiden blushes a dark shade of pink. Making light of the topic made sense to the agency. “Our thinking is that most men we know don’t like to get really heavy and emotional about sensitive issues,” said Match’s Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin. The spot broke June 21 on Atlanta cable stations.
-Katy Eckmann


Client: Corporate Express Airlines, Nashville, Tenn.
Agency: The Buntin Group, Nashville
Creative Director: Kerry Graham
Art Director: Fernando Cadena
Copywriter: Carey Moore
Account Manager: Jamie Dunham

How do you reach the business traveler; not the one jetting across county, but the one who needs to be an hour or two away and is considering driving instead of flying? That was the challenge facing The Buntin Group when it created an outdoor campaign for Corporate Express Airline. While the carrier offers fares that are competitive, it is not a discount airline. The result is boards that point out the fares are less than a speeding ticket from Nashville to Knoxville, or a preferable alternative to driving to Memphis. And while the airline offers the amenities business travelers need, the boards were meant simply to get their attention. -Jim Osterman