New Campaigns: Southeast

Client: Aluminum Association, Washington, D.C.
Agency: Adworks, Washington
Creative Director: Mark Greenspun
Art Directors: Shirley Fee Tibbetts, Kenny Sink
Copywriter: Brian Kelley
Director: Mark Story
Adworks recently launched a high-profile, humorous advertising campaign for the Aluminum Association. Four TV spots airing in more than 30 markets nationwide challenge consumers to purchase aluminum cans over other types of containers. In “Chill,” a buffoonish, talk-show type walks into a grocery store and starts taking soda cans out of the refrigerated case, all the while commenting on how cold the cans are-even though they were just placed there. He opens a bag of snacks and pops one in his mouth, then opens the top of one can and describes the importance of the “washdown factor.” Another spot, “Climb,” espouses the environmental friendliness of cans. “There is heavy competition in the marketplace between previously unchallenged aluminum and plastic,” said agency creative director Mark Greenspun. -Nora FitzGerald

Client: Collins & Aikman, Charlotte, N.C.
Agency: Elberson Senger Shuler, Charlotte
Creative Director/Art Director: Russell Shuler
Associate Creative Director/ Copywriter: Steve Lasch
Account Executive: Tom Senger
Production Manager: Elaine Franklin
Photographer: Rick Hovis
Collins & Aikman, a maker of interior automotive parts, is telling its story to the car manufacturing industry this fall with its first image campaign in more than 20 years. Elberson Senger Shuler created the trio of trade ads, featuring visuals of the client’s target market-car engineers, purchasing agents and chief executive officers-on a computer screen. In the ad shown above, body copy assures engineers that C&A will “help designers solve multiple complex problems simultaneously” and allow them “greater concentration on the big picture.” -Katy Eckmann