New Campaigns: Southeast

Client: Tampa Bay (Fla.) Junior Lightning
Agency: Paradigm Communications, Tampa, Fla.
Creative Director: Sharon MaHarry
Art Director: Cody Spinadel
Copywriter: Mike Collado
Account Service: Dan Furlong
Agency Producer: Shirley Fletcher
Photographer: Brad Augsburger
Parents looking to shield their children from violence on-and off-television are probably not the target of a local poster campaign from Paradigm Communications for a kids’ ice hockey league. Designed to recruit junior players as young as 4 years old, the series of four posters makes no bones about the rough-and-tumble nature of the sport. One headline uses tongue-in-cheek humor to reassure parents: “Don’t worry, kids usually lose their teeth around this age anyway.” Another headline reflects on the goals of the sport: “The struggle to raise self-esteem, build character and knock the fat kid into the Plexiglass.” And then there’s the tagline, “You think Gretsky started out in Drama Club?” Paradigm Communications co-founder Dan Furlong, a coach for the youth hockey league, called recruiting team members a “grassroots effort.” Thus, the pro bono posters were distributed to recreation centers and sports stores in the Tampa area last month. -Katy Eckmann


Client: Atlanta Hawks
Agency: Fitzgerald & Co., Atlanta
Executive Creative Director: Jim Paddock
Co-Creative Directors: Eddie Snyder (art); Dave Nelson (copy)
Account Manager: Evan Levy Agency
Producer: Christine Sigety
Director: Rod Paul
Having beat the Bulls in Chicago during the National Basketball Association playoffs last season, the Atlanta Hawks finally are worthy subjects of their own ad campaign. In the past, Fitzgerald promoted the NBA experience and big-name players on opposing teams. Now the Hawks can boast All-Stars of their own-Christian Laettner and Dikembe Mutombo-as well as the league’s leader in steals last year, Mookie Blaylock. All three Hawks are featured in a 30-second TV spot that alternates game footage with close-up shots of each player as he expresses his desires for the 1997-98 season: “I want to be a hero,” “I want to see Dikembe’s finger wag” and “I want it all.” -K.E.