New Campaigns: SOUTHEAST

Client: Helix Health, Baltimore

Agency: Eisner & Associates, Baltimore:

Creative Director: Bill Mitchell

Art Director: Alyson Hallberg

Copywriter: Kim Gallagher

Producer: Mary Holland

Account Management: Natalie Dixon, Sara Eisner

Editing: Barry Farrell Music: Clean Cuts

In four TV commercials for Helix Health, Eisner & Associates used voiceovers of participating doctors to tell the healthcare provider’s story. In ‘Pizza,’ a doctor says he hopes people do not select their physician as casually as they choose a pizza delivery franchise. He adds that he did not spend 10 years in medical school to work ‘in a place that makes me rush through my patients.’ In ‘OB,’ another medical practitioner tells viewers that ‘I’m the kind of doctor I’d want if I were having a baby.’ All of the spots show the physicians during their day, dealing with patients and handling other routine chores. A voiceover comes in at the end urging viewers to call Helix to find the right kind of doctor. The spots began year-long rotations last month on Baltimore cable channels and in regional network spot markets. –Jim Osterman


Client: Dole Fresh Fruit Co., Westlake Village, Calif.

Agency: Daniels & Roberts, Boca Raton, Fla.

Creative Directors: Judy Eisinger, Fran Parente

Animation Director: Steve Walker, Design EFX

Producer: Jennifer Eidt, Design EFX

Director: Cosimo Scianna, Cosimo & Co.

Executive Producer: Irene Scianna, Cosimo & Co.

Dole Fresh Fruit mascot ‘Bobby Banana’ comes to life in two new 30-second television spots. The character has been popularized through Dole’s 5-A-Day Adventures CD-ROM, a nutritional program used by some 30,000 elementary schools nationwide, according to the company. ‘We decided it’s time that (Bobby) started to walk and talk,’ said agency president Dan Muggeo, adding that promoting nutrition is not really the goal of the campaign. ‘We’re just trying to have some fun and get kids to like the character,’ he said. In ‘Broadway,’ Bobby conducts an animated fruit orchestra, and in ‘Skateboard’ he takes a wild ride through a supermarket. Breaking this week, the spots will air nationally through October on cable and spot market TV. –Katy Eckmann


Client: Ragazzi’s Italian Restaurants, Raleigh, N.C.

Agency: Smith Advertising & Associates, Fayetteville, N.C.

Creative Director: Larry Lynn

Art Director: Renee Thomas

Copywriter: Odette Arnold

Account Executive: Todd Smith

Producer/Director: Paul Calhoun, Digital River

Sound Editing: Creative Post & Transfer

Ah, perfecto! Plump yet firm . . . no, no–this part is squishy! This one is not worthy!’ So go the musings of a Ragazzi’s chef as he scrutinizes a batch of tomatoes, hurling the rejects against a wall in a new television campaign from Smith Advertising & Associates. Viewers see only the chef’s shadow in the two spots, which go on to promote the client’s top-quality ingredients. Both commercials feature the new tagline, ‘Italiano Delizioso.’ Supported by in-store materials, outdoor and radio, the TV work broke earlier this month in the Greenville, N.C., market, and will roll out in other North Carolina and Virginia environs throughout the year. The effort is the first comprehensive advertising campaign since Ragazzi’s was founded in 1991. –K.E.

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