New Campaigns: New England

Client: Wildfire, Lexington, Mass.
Agency: Partners
& Simons, Boston
Creative Directors: Tom Simons, Jeff Billig
Art Director: Nancy Carle
Copywriters: Jeff Billig, Grant Sanders
Aprint campaign by Partners & Simons for Wildfire introduces Network, an electronic phone assistant that uses voice-recognition technology.
One ad compares the thrill of the invention of the telephone to Wildfire’s latest product. A photo of Alexander Graham Bell is shown with a variation of his famous utterance, “Watson. Come here. I need you.” The copy replies, “Watson’s not in the office. Should I try the car?” The “hottest new telecommunications project” is the one that “totally redefines enhanced services,” the ad claims. The copy concludes, “Come here. You need this.”
Another execution compares the client’s offering to a mousetrap. The headline reads, “Wildfire introduces a better MOUs trap. Set it before your competition does,” reads the headline. The ad’s play on words should appeal to network carriers who know that MOU stands for “minutes of use.”
“It’s a huge upgrade on voice mail,” said creative director and copywriter Jeff Billig, who explained that Network is sold to phone companies, which in turn resell it to their customers. The service acts like an assistant, forwarding calls and screening without pressing buttons.
“They’re basically selling air space,” said account director Evan Saks. “It’s a crowded field, and if we can come up with more reasons to stick around, it will increase loyalty.” -Sarah Jones

Client: Bloomberg Personal, New York
Agency: Keiler & Co., Farmington, Conn.
Creative Director: Mel Maffei
Art Director: Paul Kingsford
Copywriters: Molly Gilmore, David Haskell
Photographer: Frank Marchese
Using the color of money in one print ad, Keiler & Co. drives home the point that Bloomberg Personal magazine is not for the poverty-stricken. “The luxury vehicle that delivers more millionaires,” reads the headline in large green letters set against a black background. The tagline: “Privileged information.”
The campaign targets the media community and seeks to position the monthly publication as the premiere source of financial information for serious investors and the most cost-effective vehicle to reach them, according to creative director Mel Maffei. -Sarah Jones

The body copy reads, “Among people of uncommon wealth, Bloomberg Personal is considered the premiere source of financial intelligence. Perhaps that’s why we have a higher composition of subscribers with an average net worth of $1,000,000 than either Worth or SmartMoney.”
The agency won the account in August after a review. Media spending was not disclosed.
Ads are running in The New York Times as well as trade publications such as Adweek, Brandweek, Mediaweek, Luxe, and Advertising Age.