New Campaigns: New England

Client: Yankee Magazine, Boston
Agency: McCabe Duval & Bard, Portland, Maine
Creative Director/ Copywriter: Connie McCabe
Art Director: Donna Hunter
McCabe Duval & Bard was tapped to develop a direct mail campaign that reminds media planners and clients of the deadline for Yankee Magazine’s Travel Guide to New Engaland and induces them to reserve advertising space early by promising incentives.
Each execution features a wildlife photo on the front and a gentle reminder to book ad space on the back. Above a picture of a swan landing on a lake, one headline reads, “Like the birds, the travelers are headed south. How will you bring them back next season?” Body copy on the reverse side explains the 1998 guide’s editorial slant and reads, “Travelers will come looking for secret waterfalls, places to pick the sweetest berries, a local bus driver’s best leaf-peeping spots and other ‘insider’ attractions. Be a part of ‘what the locals know.'”
“The magazine is lively and personal, and it was really nice being able to just have some fun with the copy and being able to play with the visuals,” said creative director Connie McCabe. The horizontal shape of the ads was designed to attract notice. “We wanted to have something odd to land on someone’s desk that’s going to poke out of the mail pile,” she said.
“[The client] wanted to take some of the onus off their sales force,” said agency partner Jeff Bard. “If people call in on their own, it frees up the sales force a bit.”
The first execution of the four-part mailer was sent in early September. The last will be mailed in December. -Sarah Jones

Client: Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages, Arlington, Va.
Agency: Arnold Communications, Boston
Creative Director: Jay Williams
Art Director: Lisa Hickey
Copywriter: Stuart D’Rozario
Producer: Bill Near
Director: Charles Wittenmeier
Music: Elias Music
Actor James Earl Jones is fast becoming as ubiquitous as the telephone. In a series of new TV commercials for Bell Atlantic, the spokesman reminds viewers that the Yellow Pages is “life listed alphabetically.” Jones is the narrator in spots that present three scenarios-ordering takeout food, planning a wedding and moving into a bigger house-in which the Yellow Pages make life easier just as it becomes more difficult.
“It seems sometimes that we all just lurch from one problem to the next,” said Arnold creative director Jay Williams, “and these spots play off that.” It is Bell Atlantic’s first commercials for the Yellow Pages in almost two years.-Judy Warner

Client: CareGroup, Boston
Agency: Haggman, Manchester, Mass.
Creative Director/Copywriter: Eric Haggman
Art Director: Amy Faar
Building a brand identity for the parent company of some of Greater Boston’s leading hospitals was the challenge for Haggman in developing the first ad campaign for CareGroup.
A 30-second television spot positions the client as a major healthcare provider and carries the tagline, “We’re here for you.” The commercial opens with a group of physicians strolling along the grounds of a hospital, while a female narrator provides an introduction to the CareGroup name. “It’s a family of primary care physicians and nurses serving over 100 communities,” the voiceover says. Exterior shots of six hospitals are shown, as their names flash on the screen. Patients and doctors smile at the camera, and the voiceover concludes, “We’re CareGroup, a family of care that’s closer to you.”
“We wanted to introduce the concept of CareGroup to the public and define what CareGroup is,” said Judy Taylor, director of marketing at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a CareGroup hospital. Others include Deaconess-Glover, Deaconess-Nashoba, Deaconess-Waltham, Mount Auburn and New England Baptist.
The client is backing the fall effort, which also includes print and direct mail executions, with a budget of around $1 million, said agency senior vice president Emily Haggman. -Sarah Jones