New Campaigns: New England

Client: The United Way of Massachusetts Bay, Boston
Agency: Arnold Communications, Boston
Creative Director: Jay Williams
Art Director: Robert Hamilton
Copywriter: Josh Caplan
Producer: Jim Vaughan
A pro bono campaign by Arnold Communications in Boston for the United Way of Massachusetts Bay showcases the organization’s continuing efforts to do good works. Television, radio and print executions are slated to break this month, supporting the charity’s fundraising efforts through the fall.
One 30-second television commercial focuses on child care. The spot features a mother hugging her son goodbye before heading off to work. The young boy then locks the door and settles down to watch television. A voiceover says, “Because of your contribution, this baby sitter has resumed its career as an ordinary television set.” The next scene shows the boy happily playing with other children in a colorful day-care center. The voiceover continues, “Child care. Just one of the many services that depend on the United Way.”
“The United Way is out there making a difference in people’s lives,” said agency creative director Jay Williams. “The work is meant to inspire people to help fuel these success stories with their support,” he added.
Arnold has been the public volunteer agency of the United Way of Massachusetts Bay in Boston for four of the past five years.
-Sarah Jones


Client: Sci-Fi Channel, New York
Agency: Mullen, Wenham, Mass.
Creative Directors: Paul Silverman, Tom Cook
Copywriter: Tom Elliott
Art Director: Dan O’Donnell
Photographer: Craig Cutler
Designer: Marc Ruggiero
Like its broadcast counterpart, the Sci-Fi Channel’s “Ever Wonder?” print campaign turns the seemingly ordinary into something to think about. One execution shows a man with a large scar on his forehead. The body copy reads, “The highest I.Q. ever recorded was 228.”
“When you live in a mass society with constant change, you tend to look over your shoulder and think, ‘Who’s really watching when I turn on my computer?’ ” said chief creative officer Paul Silverman. The campaign is scheduled to run through the fall in Entertainment Weekly. -Sarah Jones