New Campaigns: New England

Client: Hewlett-Packard, Andover, Mass.

Agency: Leonard/Monahan, Providence, R.I.

Creative Director: David Baldwin

Copywriter: John Simpson

Art Director: Ralph Watson

Medical products are not generally associated with warm and fuzzy feelings, but Leonard/Monahan is determined to change that. In its new campaign for Hewlett-Packard, the agency presents images in soft focus with copy detailing the myriad ways the medical equipment maker touches human lives. The ads strive to humanize technology. One ad shows the toes of a fetus paired with the headline ‘Our new OB system can make your job easier. Now if we could only make labor a little easier.’ The OB TraceVue is so easy to use that doctors will be able to devote more time to patients and less to paperwork, the body copy asserts. Another execution shows an ultrasound scan superimposed on the back of a woman. ‘For thousands of years, poets have attempted to explain the workings of the heart. Clearly a task better suited to a cardiologist,’ the copy states. The cardiovascular ads are running in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography and the New England Journal of Medicine. The obstetrical ads are appearing in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing.–Sarah Jones


Client: Massachusetts Port Authority, Boston

Agency: Greenberg Seronick O’Leary & Partners, Boston

Creative Directors: Gary Greenberg, Peter Seronick

Art Director: Frank Beneduci

Copywriter: Craig Johnson

The Massachusetts Port Authority has introduced two new billboards in its ongoing campaign to promote alternate means of travel to Logan Airport. One board shows a hood ornament that has fallen asleep. Another reads ‘ZZZZZZZ.’ The ads ask drivers if they are ‘Tired of airport traffic?’ and list an 800 number with information about alternate routes to Logan. The billboards join three all-type executions that have been appearing for several weeks. A print ad for the authority’s CruisePort program is running in Travel Age, Travel Weekly and similar magazines through May. ‘We’re trying to get travel agents excited (about booking) fall foliage cruises to Canada and Maine’ from Massport’s Black Falcon terminal, said account supervisor Melanie Mowdy at Greenberg Seronick O’Leary & Partners.–David Gianatasio


Client: New England Aquarium, Boston

Agency: Holland Mark Martin, Boston

Creative Director: Bob Minihan

Copywriters: Roger Baldacci (radio), Amy Flanagan (print)

Art Director: Sandi Quatrale (print)

There is something fishy going on in Holland Mark Martin’s first work for the New England Aquarium. A radio spot puts listeners inside a tense emergency room with medical staffers working on a patient described as a 4-year-old female boating accident victim. As the ad ends, a doctor gives orders to crack her shell, hold down her flippers and watch out for her hind claws. The campaign promotes the Aquarium Medical Center, which opened last week. A print ad set to break in Boston newspapers shows an X-ray of a fish and invites patrons to visit ‘the not-so-general hospital.’ Visitors can see the facility’s medical staff working to heal all types of sick and injured sea creatures. Procedures will be viewed through clear partitions or on video monitors. The idea behind the ads is to portray the aquarium ‘as a place of entertainment and a place of education,’ said aquarium representative Ellen Hurley.–David Gianatasio

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