New Campaigns: Midwest

Client: Penn Racquet Sports, Phoenix
Agency: Veritas Advertising, St. Louis
Creative Director: Frank Oros
Copywriter: Frank Oros
Art Directors: Brad Henderson, Brian Lynch
Photographers: Nick Vedros, Steve Bonini
Print ads for Penn tennis balls, which focus on the brand’s purported toughness, depart from standard tennis equipment promotions.
One ad shows a ball that was placed intact on top of a car’s antenna, despite the vehicle’s have gone through a junk- yard crusher.
Another ad, which also employs the copy “Proven tough,” shows a dog in front of an energetic puppy in a room that is otherwise destroyed, presumably by the playful pooch.
“It really does have some stopping power,” said Laura Kurzu, partner and account manager at Veritas.
An alternate set of ads concentrates on players, letting them know they can worry about the game because “We’ll concentrate on the ball.”
These ads let consumers know that Penn is “America’s #1 selling ball.”
Veritas’ creative work for the client has been running in tennis magazines, but a national consumer magazine buy, tied to a major tennis event, is also being considered, Kurzu said.
-Trevor Jensen


Client: Winkelman’s, Detroit
Agency: Yaffe & Co., Southfield, Mich.
Creative Directors: Kathi Presutti and Theresa O’Kronley
Copywriter: Kathi Presutti
Art Director: Bob Medici
Production Manager: Nancy Nevison
Photographer: Uli Rose
Don’t look for leggy size 3 models in a new campaign for Winkelman’s from Yaffe & Co. The outdoor boards for the retail client feature a glamour shot of a plus-sized model, along with tongue-in-cheek copy to introduce the clothing store’s new larger-sizes department. The ad aims to portray the large-but-proud woman in a complementary way, a difficult task in an advertising world that generally glamorizes thin people, said Kathi Presutti, creative director and copywriter. So far, 11 of Winkelman’s 51 stores have opened the new department. -Tanya Gazdik