New Campaigns: Midwest

Client: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, Detroit
Agency: Perich + Partners, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Creative Director: Ernie Perich
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Dan Sygar
Art Director: John Pappas
Director: Robert Leacock
Producer: Nancy Cole
Production: Radical Media, New York
It’s hard to develop a “warm and fuzzy” image when you’re a healthcare behemoth like Blue Cross. But Perich + Partners strives to paint a caring picture of the company in its first campaign since landing the account earlier this year. A series of five 30-second TV spots features actual Blue Cross customers. Shot in a documentary style, the spots illustrate how BCBS responds to healthcare needs ranging from the urgent to the mundane. A new tagline is introduced at the close of the spots: “For you. For life.” Two additional spots will break in the spring, along with a billboard campaign. The statewide effort also includes print executions in business publications and radio. –Tanya Gazdik

Client: Red Lobster, Darden Restaurants, Orlando, Fla.
Agency: Euro RSCG Tatham, Chicago
Creative Directors: Curt Olson, Jennifer LeMay
Art Director: Curt Olson
Copywriter: Jennifer LeMay
Director: John Mastromonaco, Bedford Falls, Santa Monica, Calif.
The opening effort for Red Lobster by Euro RSCG Tatham, which netted the creative portion of the client’s $90 million account in July, attempts to conjure up memories of the beach and suggest that a visit to a Red Lobster can provide a similarly welcome break. The first two 30-second TV spots were culled from footage shot in California and on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, using a variety of film types, including Super 8 millimeter and black and white to suggest a home movie.
“This is more of a scrapbook,” said Curt Olson, managing partner and executive creative director at Tatham. “We’re trying to get across the emotion of what water’s all about.” The tagline is, “Life on land is dry.” Print and radio ads will follow the initial TV salvo. –Trevor Jensen

Client: Versico Inc., Akron, Ohio
Agency: Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Akron
Creative Director/Copywriter: Bob Clancy
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Mark Collins
Print Production: Rene McCann, Jeff Staples
Model Maker: Object Works, Pittsburgh
Photographer: Gary Yasaki
The importance of draining water off roofs has been understood for centuries. Medieval builders accomplished the task with elaborate gargoyles that functioned as rain spouts, with the added benefit of chasing away demons. Hitchcock Fleming & Associates makes a historical connection in a series of visually arresting print ads for Versico, a supplier of roofing materials. To ensure the ads conveyed just the right message with the right look, the agency created its own gargoyles for the series, working with Object Works in Pittsburgh. After researching the topic, designers created clay models of each gargoyle, which were used to make plaster castings. A bit of sandblasting provided the 600-year-old look. Ad copy explains that Versico materials “assure that the roofs you install stand the test of time.”
–Scott Hume