New Campaigns

Client: Don Julio Tequila, New York Agency: Clockwork Advertising, Atlanta Copywriter: Bob Morrison Art Directors: Mike Sellars and Ari Arribas
An appreciation of good friends and good times–and the right tequila to celebrate both–is the cornerstone of the first major campaign Clockwork is breaking for the Don Julio brand, imported by Remy Amerique of New York. The tequila has been available for several years in Mexico, but this effort is its attempt to establish a foothold in this country. Two prints ads, tagged “A lifetime in the making,” both employ a graphic of young, upscale people relaxing and enjoying a drink. One bears the headline, “Down here, where your friends are your life, you celebrate your friends.” The body copy then makes the point they should be treated well, and that includes being served the best. The other ad tells readers: “Don Julio not only knows how to make the world’s finest tequila, he knows why,” making much the same point. In both cases, the brand is plainly positioned as a tequila you would give to people you care about. The work breaks in the May issues of Esquire, Wired, Maxim and Icon, among other magazines. –Jim Osterman
Client: In Excess, Miami Agency: Beber Silverstein, Miami Creative Director: Joe Perz Copywriter: Mitch Koch Art Director: David Glantz Photographer Brian Morris
Beber Silverstein turns soccer violence into a fashion statement for apparel maker In Excess in a new print effort breaking this month. The client “wanted to talk about the look of the clothes and the variety of styles and color,” said Beber Silverstein creative director Joe Perz. Aiming at teens and 20-somethings, agency art director David Glantz said he and copywriter Mitch Koch keyed in on soccer’s reputation for heavy contact among players–“something that’s very appealing about the sport.” One ad (shown at left) features a closeup of a bloody nose juxtaposed with a bright red In Excess shirt and shorts. “Color coordinate,” reads the only copy in the ad. Two other executions show a man’s black-and-blue shiner and a grass-stained face; each photo is paired with clothing matching the injuries. The ads are running in soccer publications such as Soccer News and Soccer Now, and locally in Ocean Drive magazine. Plans for an outdoor campaign are in the works, according to the agency. –Katy Eckmann
Client: Flagship Mortgage Services, St. Petersburg, Fla. Agencies: McVicker Eclectic Co., AdGals Southeast, Citizen Jayne, all Tampa, Fla. Creative Director/Art Director: Jayne Alfieri Creative Director/Copywriter: Sandra Lawton Producer: Lisa McVicker Director: Greg Kohs Production Company: Tony Kaye & Partners, Los Angeles
Flagship Mortgage, a division of Florida-based Republic Bank, uses word play to leverage former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly as spokesperson in a new campaign. Three TV spots–developed by an all-female collaboration of McVicker Eclectic Co., AdGals Southeast and Citizen Jayne–promote Flagship’s loan consolidation as an answer to high-interest credit card bills. “Sure, I used to play for the Bills. But today I’m here with people who want to beat the bills,” says Kelly in the initial spot as he sits in a stadium amid a cheering crowd. The second effort, breaking this month, is set in the fictitious town of “Billsville,” where Kelly asks residents what they would do if they could consolidate their bills. A third commercial, launching in May, depicts a stressed couple staring out at piles of bills that have overtaken the front lawn. All the ads tout that Flagship can provide cash in as little as 10 days. A spot network rotation includes Chicago; Norfolk, Va.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Indianapolis; and Buffalo and Rochester, N.Y. Direct mail and radio support. –K.E.