New Campaigns

Client: Blue Mountain Cellular, Walla Walla, Wash., and Bend, Ore.
Agency: KVO Advertising, Portland, Ore.
Creative Directors: Doug Lowell, Pierre Oullette
Copywriter: Doug Lowell
Art Director: Marc Sobier
Director: Jeff Mishler
Cellular One launches its Digital PCS service in rural Oregon and Washington with two new TV spots. The ads, from KVO Advertising, are aimed mostly at ranchers and small-town residents, according to KVO consumer group head Doug Lowell.
In “Coffee Shop,” a man loses his voice just as he’s about to explain to his beloved that he plans to quit his job–suggesting the frustration one can feel when cell phone batteries go dead. The Digital PCS phone batteries have a longer standby life, a voiceover explains, so important conversations can be completed.
A second spot, “Salesman,” shows a cell phone user gripped with fear and loathing upon receiving a roaming call.
A Clint Eastwood-like voice asks him if he “feels lucky,” and suggests he switch to Cellular One, with its flat-rate roaming charge of 40 cents a minute. –Angela Dawson

Client: California Nutrition Network, Sacramento
Agency: Lawrence & Mayo, Newport Beach, Calif.
Creative Directors: Bruce Mayo, Lynda Lawrence and Simone Beaudoin
Copywriter: Rick Underwood
Art Director: Bil Dicks
Producer: Claudia Ponder
In Lawrence & Mayo’s first campaign for the California Nutrition Network, the agency outlines the kind of balancing and juggling acts that busy moms have to perform to keep their families healthy.
In the first TV spot of the estimated $1 million campaign, which broke late last month, a woman is shown juggling various items, including a telephone, a teddy bear and groceries. The spot, in 10-, 15- and 30-second executions, continues with her voiceover, which explains how she cares for her family: “As a busy mom, I know how to keep my family healthy. Take a walk. Choose lower-fat foods. Eat five fruits and vegetables every day. And have fun.” Another spot shows a woman on a high wire describing how she adds fruits and vegetables to her family’s meals.
The spots are presented as a message from the California Department of Health Services, which joins the American Cancer Society and the U.S. Department of Agriculture as the campaign’s sponsors. –Teresa Buyikian

Client: Union Bank of California, San Francisco
Agency: Zuckerman Fernandes & Partners, San Francisco
Creative Director: Al Fernandes
Associate Creative Director: Bennet Miller
Copywriters: Scott Leeper, Mark Hohenschau
Director: Scott Buttfield
Children, dogs and exotic flowers are just a few of the feel-good images used by Zuckerman Fernandes & Partners in its new branding campaign for Union Bank of California. The imagery is intended to suggest Union Bank is more “customer-oriented” than its competitors, according to Claudia Lampner, the bank’s vice president of advertising.
In one spot, for example, a voiceover from actor Cliff Robertson explains that “Steve”–a dog that’s staring blankly at the camera–enjoys visiting Union Bank with his “person” to receive dog biscuits at the drive-up window. Each of the TV spots features a stark white background with a small box/screen in the center showing the action. The box morphs into Union Bank’s red logo at the end of the spots, with the tagline, “It’s different here,” appearing below. Some of the TV and print efforts broke recently in Los Angeles, San Diego and Fresno, Calif., and more are scheduled to break this month. –Jane Irene Kelly