New Campaigns

Client: SDRC, Cincinnati
Agency: Howard, Merrell & Partners, Raleigh, N.C.
Creative Director/Copywriter: Scott Crawford
Art Director: Joe Ivey
A man screwing different heads onto his shoulders and another with a head shaped like a computer mouse are both meant to convey the message that product design software from SDRC can facilitate innovations in the workplace. One print ad, called “Screwhead,” leads off with the unconventional premise that “nothing begets success like failure.” Copy makes the point that sometimes an idea must go through several variations before it becomes a solution, and the faster it can be taken through that “what-if” stage, the better. The work then, of course, touts the virtues of the client’s I-DEAS software with the tagline, “Get there faster.” “In design, failure is commonplace and even helpful in creating what is ultimately the solution,” said creative director Scott Crawford. “This software invites the user to think in terms of ‘what if’ and freely imagine what does not currently exist. Then it helps create it. We wanted the ads to capture the same personality and character, the spirit of adventure and contravention.” The ads, which broke last week in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Industry Week, are appearing this week in Design News, Machine Design and CAE. Executions in Asian and European media are also scheduled. The campaign will run through the balance of this year. –Jim Osterman

Client: Bama Foods, Birmingham, Ala.
Agency: Luckie & Co., Birmingham
Creative Director: Leo Wright
Creative Director/Art Director: Martha Urban
Copywriter: Henry Levkoff
Producer: Nick Chiarlante
Production: Thom 2, Nashville, Tenn.
Director: Thom Ferrell
Luckie & Co. is introducing two new product lines, a new tag and an on-air spokesperson for client Bama Foods via two 30-second television spots running in Southern test markets. The commercials feature Texas comedian Bill Engvall, who most recently appeared on NBC’s The Jeff Foxworthy Show. In one spot, Engvall promotes Bama’s “new Fruit Butters with a Southern accent.” Referring to a bagel as a “Northern biscuit,” the comedian enhances the round bread product with Bama Fruit Butter. “Now this is a whole new delicacy we can claim for our own,” Engvall tells viewers, “which just goes to show you, nothing comes from up North that we Southerners cannot improve on.” Leo Wright, Luckie & Co. senior vice president and executive creative director, said the agency wanted to “play up the Southern heritage” of Bama, and Engvall “just seemed right for the products.” For Bama Fruit Juice Cocktails, the comic explains what’s Southern about each flavor–Blackberry, Peach, Citrus Breeze and Hurricane Punch. The juice ad features special effects to accent the latter flavor. –Katy Eckmann

Client: Central Carolina Bank, Durham, N.C.
Agency: West & Vaughan, Durham
Chief Creative Officer: Bill West
Creative Director/Art Director: Robert Shaw West
Copywriters: Eran Thomson, Francis George
Producer: Jeff Tanner
Director: Jacques Rey
Production: Propaganda, Los Angeles
Editing: Voodoo, Los Angeles
Central Carolina Bank hammers home the advantage of being just the right size with two humorous TV spots from West & Vaughan. According to W&V creative director Robert Shaw West, the agency’s strategy was to attack both ends of the spectrum: one ad strikes out against large financial institutions, the other takes on “mom-and-pop” community operations. In “Smallo Bank,” a customer is greeted by a grinning hometown banker and his entourage, who, incapable of providing the high-tech services the man is seeking, instead push cookies and balloons, all while inquiring, “How’s the wife?” Says the voiceover: “If you’re looking for the advanced services of a big bank and the personal attention of a small bank, come to Central Carolina Bank.” The other extreme is parodied in “Biggo Bank,” where a loan customer enters a cold, cavernous building. Rapid-fire phone calls from one bank drone to another winds up interrupting the big cheese on the golf course, who barks back that the loan has been denied. The 30-second spots broke in March and will air in North and South Carolina markets throughout the year. –K.E.