New Campaigns

Client: Milliman & Robertson, Seattle
Agency: Genova & Partners, Greenwich, Conn.
Creative Director/Art Director: Joe Genova
Copywriter: Lisa Cushman
Faced with coming up with a compelling 50th anniversary campaign aimed at actuaries, Genova & Partners chose to use a series of famous faces to illustrate the versatility of Milliman & Robertson’s employees. One print ad, which bears a resemblance to Apple Computer’s “Think Different” campaign, features portraits of Marie Curie, Walt Whitman, Rembrandt and Einstein beneath the headline, “The many faces of a Milliman & Robertson consultant.” Body copy claims a consultant at Milliman & Robertson is “not just . . . a talented number cruncher” but someone with a creative talent for turning dry, analytical data into compelling, innovative solutions.”
The effort is running in trade publications such as Hospitals & Health Care and Best’s Review. Media spending was not disclosed. –Sarah Jones

Client: HomeGoods, Framingham, Mass.
Agency: Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Boston
Creative Directors: Jamie Mambro, Ernie Schenck
Copywriter: Gail Schoenbrunn
Art Director: Larry Bowdish

Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos portrays HomeGoods as “Your home for good values” in a pair of 30-second TV commercials with decidedly humorous overtones. In one spot with a holiday theme, an employee returns late from lunch, held up by the abundant selection at HomeGoods. His displeased boss chides him for being tardy. He responds by handing her a teddy bear. The commercial ends with the tagline, “Your home for good values.”
“We wanted to position [HomeGoods] as an easy place to find things . . . and communicate the value message in the tagline,” said copywriter Gail Schoenbrunn.
The other spot takes place at a dinner party and features a husband and wife holding a conversation beneath a table. She cannot understand how their host can afford so many nice things when she makes the same salary her husband does. Could the low prices and wide selection at HomeGoods be the answer? –David Gianatasio

Client: Simoniz, Rocky Hill, Conn.
Agency: Vogt/Wein, Westport, Conn.
Creative Directors: Mitch Wein, Jeff Vogt
Copywriter: Mitch Wein
Art Director: Jeff Vogt
Producer: Paul Childs

Looking to capitalize on the rich history of Simoniz as the king of car wax, Vogt/ Wein has created a campaign slated to debut in the spring. “Reflections,” a 30-second TV spot that breaks nationwide in April on cable and network affiliates, introduces the tagline: “Simoniz. It’s your ride. Make it a classic.”
The commercial opens with a shiny new Corvette following a chrome truck. When the sports car draws near enough to be reflected in the tanker’s back end, the image of a classic Corvette appears. The voiceover, accompanied by upbeat music, recalls a time when Americans were in love with their cars and points to a renewed interest in automobiles.
“From what we understand, it’s the original car wax,” said co-creative director Jeff Vogt. “[The spot] is tied in to the resurgence of people’s interest in cars. We wanted to communicate that if you do really love your car and are passionate about it, this is the wax you want.” –Sarah Jones