New Campaigns

Client: Houston Chronicle, Houston
Agency: Rives Carlberg, Houston
Creative Directors: Chuck Carlberg, Gayl Carlberg
Art Director: Gayl Carlberg
Copywriter: Delores Stark

The new phase of the “Touch the news that touches you” advertising campaign is one that the newspaper hopes attracts a wider audience in age and culture. In three new television commercials plus a related print series, Rives targets both Hispanics and Gen-X readers. One spot has a near-40 Hispanic helping his doting mother and short-tempered father in a house move. While packing boxes, he finds aging Chronicle news clippings of his old high-school football exploits. “Mom, you saved all this stuff?” he asks. “No, your father did,” she replies, obviously surprising her son with his father’s sentimentality. The commercial was also shot in Spanish. An ad aimed at the 20-something set sees a group of friends visiting their depressed, heartsick friend after his recent nasty breakup. Hoping to take him out for a night on the town, they look at the Chronicle’s Web site for entertainment fare. The third commercial is for a more general audience, with a young girl reading a newspaper story to her infant sister. The article is about the young girl’s ice-skating performance at the Houston Galleria. The baby appears to enjoy the article, and lights up when the girl asks, “Want to hear it again?” –Glen Fest

Client: United Blood Services, Albuquerque, N.M.
Agency: Rick Johnson & Co., Albuquerque
Creative Directors: Ron Salzberg, Kelly Marshall
Copywriter: Jeff Schmalz

Known in Albuquerque and environs as “the blood place,” United Blood Services is reaching out to the community in a brand awareness campaign to both boost blood donations and heighten its name identity. Utilizing the red color of the blood center’s logo, Rick Johnson & Co. issued print, outdoor and public transit display advertising executions with taglines like “We’re out for blood” and “We prefer to operate in the red.” “Most of the advertising in this category uses a very heartfelt, emotional message to solicit donations,” said agency associate creative director Kelly Marshall. “We devised a visually disturbing, clutter-cutter approach using red on red to command attention and get a reaction.” United Blood Services has been in Albuquerque since 1951, and has 18 centers in the region gathering 66,000 pints of blood annually. The client supplies 46 hospitals in 34 New Mexico counties. Besides the outdoor and print creative work–the latter in both newspaper and magazine form–the ads’ copy will also be transferred to posters, flyers, postcards, table tents, bumper stickers and T-shirts, according to the agency. Broadcast commercials are also in development for future phases of the advertising campaign. –G.F.

Client: Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America, Houston
Agency: The Quest Business Agency, Houston
Creative Director/Copywriter: Richard Baron
Art Director: Paul Leigh
Illustrators: Leigh, Chris Mayes
Photographer: Frank White

Seeking to stand out from trade industry advertising clutter, Quest has put forward a campaign that tells the story not only of Mitsubishi forklifts, but those of its client’s customers. Three full-page print ads showcase three companies completely disparate but for their use of the forklifts: a toy manufacturer, a cruise line and an air freight trucking specialist. The common denominator, according to Quest, is how busy the companies are, and how the forklifts keep up with the pace of operations. In the execution featuring Towne Air Freight of South Bend, Ind. (complete with an illustrated border of clocks), the headline reads, “Our Mitsubishi forklifts? They’re our best defense against fast and furious schedules.” Copy details how the around-the-clock use of the machines helps the organization remain on time in delivering products throughout a five-state area. In an ad for Zany Brainy educational toy outlets, the focus is on the work accomplished by forklifts designed for narrow-aisle operations at the 46-store East Coast chain’s warehouse. Local dealers which support the three companies highlighted also receive plugs in the ads. The work launched last month in several trade publications, including Modern Materials Handling, Material Handling Engineering, Logistics Management and Warehousing Management. –G.F.