New Campaigns

Client: Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac, Wis. Agency: Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis Creative/Art Director: Harvey Marco Copywriter: Dean Buckhorn Television Producer: Brian DiLorenzo Print Production Manager: Dominic Simonetti Director: Malcolm Venville Production Company: Propaganda Films Editor: Michael Mees/Uppercut
Long before there were X-Files, there was Lake X. In its new campaign for Mercury Marine, Fallon McElligott draws upon the 41-year-old man-made lake (dubbed “X” for “experimental”) to add mystique–and heritage–to the brand.
A TV spot features a countdown to the launch of a speedboat, which races up the screen, leaving a white wake in its path. “NASA had Cape Canaveral,” reads onscreen copy. “We have Lake X.” Print work also explains how the lake embodies the company’s philosophy. It shows an open folder labeled “Lake X.” Inside is a photo of black water, with headlines like, “A desolate lake. What better place to bury our enemies?”
The campaign, which marks the first time the marine manufacturer will brand all its lines under the Mercury name, is tagged, “The water calls.” It broke in boat and enthusiast and fishing magazines and on TV fishing shows in late December. –Aaron Baar

Client: Illinois Bureau of Tourism, Springfield, Ill. Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding, Chicago Creative Director: Dave Moeller Art Director: Aaron Evanson Copywriter: John Godsey Producer: Mike Leary Director: Ali Selim Production Company: Area 51, Santa Monica, Calif. Music: Comtrack, Chicago
When Foote, Cone & Belding filmed these two new 30-second TV spots in December, it was 60 degrees in Chicago. They broke last week, just after one of the city’s worst blizzards. That’s ironic, but it helps sell the Illinois Bureau of Tourism’s message that winter was fun when you were a kid and can be again if you take part in the cultural events offered in and around the state’s biggest city.
One spot begins with a dad engaging the kids in a snowball fight; in the second, he makes a snow angel. One directs viewers to an info number; the other to the bureau’s Internet address ( The tagline is, “Chicago WinterBreak: It’s warmer than you think.” Now that may be a tough proposition to sell. –Scott Hume

Client: Follett Corp., Elmhurst, Ill. Agency: Tom Reilly Advertising, Evanston, Ill. Creative Director/Copywriter: Tom Reilly Art Director: Jim Conditt Producer: Ellen Israel Editor: Tom Brassill
Agency chief Tom Reilly says his shop’s campaign for Follett Corp.’s new e-commerce site,, offers a simple concept: If you get online, you don’t have to get in line.
The campaign, which is aimed at college students seeking textbooks for their classes, uses stock nature footage to humorously emphasize that book buying needn’t include a mind-numbing wait in line. In one spot, which broke nationally Jan. 4 during the Fiesta Bowl broadcast, buffalo trudge slowly through snow. As the animals labor, a voiceover alludes to the long lines expected at college bookstores as the upcoming semester approaches. “This is college! There are no lines in college! College is for … thinking,” the voiceover admonishes.
The campaign is built around the philosophy (also mimicked in the voiceover) that “if you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes,” Reilly said. Following the animal metaphor, the agency’s creative team found two tapes that conveyed the message perfectly: one showing the aforementioned buffalo, and another featuring a seemingly endless line of penguins.
The tagline is, “Get out of line.”
–Aaron Baar