New Campaigns

Client: ATI Grips, San Diego
Agency: Bulldog Drummond, San Diego
Creative Director/Art Director: Neil Bellefeuille
Copywriter: Simone Sato
Photographer: Marc Tule

Bulldog Drummond utilizes youthful rebellion and adults’ lack of understanding in a new print campaign for ATI bicycle grips. In several two-page spreads, various teenagers are taking style to the extreme–sporting leather, spiked hair and various body piercings. One ad shows a guy in a leather jacket, with a nose ring, earrings and eyebrow ring. He is sticking out his pierced tongue for the camera. Appearing slightly devilish, he has two black ATI bike grips sticking out of his forehead in place of horns. Across the bottom of the ad it reads, “ATI Grips. Just one more thing your parents won’t understand.”
“[The grips] are an after-market purchase, meaning that they are something that people buy as an accessory [to their bike],” explained Bulldog executive Dustin Demeritt. “We tried to get in tune with the people who were actually buying the product.” The shop also developed a tamer print campaign to appeal to an older demographic, Demeritt said. Both campaigns appear in winter and spring consumer and trade bike enthusiast magazines. –Teresa Buyikian

Client: CBS Entertainment, Los Angeles
Agency: Air Creative Group, Los Angeles
Creative Director/Copywriter: Stefan Gerber
Art Director: Anny Simon
Producer: Dee Cratty
Production Co.: Greenwater Pictures, Los Angeles

In its third campaign for the Winter Olympics, Air Creative focuses on stars, sports and emotional appeal. Various CBS celebrities appear in the 11-spot TV campaign, including Jane Seymour, Don Johnson and Gerald McRaney. Seymour’s spot features footage of past Olympics, and she describes the various emotional moments: “Moments so moving you can barely speak, so touching they can almost make you cry.” Other spots stress the excitement of one particular Olympic moment or include a montage of stars reading the Olympic creed. The tagline: “Share a moment with the world.” The campaign breaks Feb. 6 and runs throughout the Olympics. –Teresa Buyikian

Client: Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Los Angeles
Agency: Pulsar Advertising, Los Angeles
Creative Director: Alberto Gonzalez
Art Directors: Kirk Forster, Morgan Daniels
Copywriter: Debbie Most
Photographers: Carole Joyce, Juan Lopez

The city and county of Los Angeles want to get the word out to the public that storm drains are not trash receptacles–whatever goes in them ends up in the ocean. Pulsar Advertising has developed planning and creative work for the $1 million-plus campaign, which includes radio, print ads and outdoor boards. The theme is: “If I only knew Now you know.”
One print ad shows a woman sitting with her dog on a curb next to a storm drain. “I had no idea I was spreading disease,” the headline reads. The copy explains that animal waste washed into storm drains flows into the ocean, killing fish, contaminating beaches and spreading disease to swimmers.
“What we’re trying to do is change behavior,” said Alberto Gonzalez, the agency’s president and executive creative director. Pulsar was tapped by Rogers & Associates, a Los Angeles public relations firm, which is leading the campaign. The county is buying $1 million worth of media and receiving an additional $1 million in donated outdoor space from several billboard companies. –Angela Dawson