New Campaigns

Client: J.B. Williams, Glen Rock, N.J.
Agency: Avrett, Free & Ginsberg, New York
Creative Director: Frank Ginsberg
Copywriter: Evan Brownstein
Art Director: Rohan Caesar
Producer: Betsy Rosenblum
J.B. Williams’ new Total Hair Fitness for Men line will be introduced by Avrett, Free & Ginsberg with ads that sell health over beauty and play on a perceived male concern for strong, healthy hair. In a TV spot breaking in mid-April, a lean, fit man runs along a beach as waves crash around him. A male voiceover tells viewers, “For men, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.” The spot cuts to the man washing his hair and later to him putting on a turtleneck and running his fingers through a head of bouncy, shiny locks. The ad includes two product shots and ends with the tagline, “For a healthy scalp and stronger hair.” The client is hoping to woo male customers into buying the full line of products instead of “using what their wives or girlfriends bring home,” said Tom James, head of account services at the agency. The client has put $5-7 million behind the spot and a print ad, which breaks in People. –Sloane Lucas
Client: Olympus America, Melville, N.Y. Agency: Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, New York Executive Creative Director: Bill Oberlander Copywriter: Abby Jaques Art Director: Elke Erschfeld
The latest print spread in Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners’ campaign for Olympus keeps last year’s formula (linking the client’s technological prowess with the promise of quality snaps), but takes it one step further with the offer of a trip to the Bahamas. On facing pages are a photo of human lung cells under the microscope and a shot of a sunset and sailboats. “We make cameras that can examine a human lung,” the copy reads, “and others that can take your breath away.” On the next page is a glimpse of Atlantis, Paradise Island, resort: “Now the cameras that can take your breath away can also take you away.” The sweepstakes is the latest wrinkle in the campaign, which still uses the tag, “Focus on life.” The ad breaks in May. Spending this year: $5 million. –A.M.
Client: Triarc Beverage Group, White Plains, N.Y. Agency: DiNoto Lee, New York Creative Director: Greg DiNoto Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Joanne Scannello Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Mark Jensen Producer: Susan Lust

A sloth is the star of DiNoto Lee’s first TV spot for Mistic Rain Forest Nectars, which puts bottles of the fruity beverage into the paws and claws of anthropomorphically pleasing jungle creatures, including a jaguar and a frog. In an exotic-sounding male voice, the sloth tells the story of when “something new came to my forest,” to the delight of each thirsty creature. Xylophone music accompanies shots of animals slurping juice through straws (thanks to digital compositing). “Frog liked strawberry mango,” the sloth says, “and jaguar, berry.” The 30-second spot, which breaks this week on TBS, MTV and Animal Planet, is supported by a 60-second radio spot, to air in 20 markets. The client plans to spend about $2 million on the campaign, the first since Deutsch launched the product last year. Deutsch’s work focused on a cause: the preservation of the rain forest through donations by the client. The new spot is more product-focused, but still mentions the brand’s charitable aspect: “Every one bottle (sold) protects five square feet of a forest.” Sales figures for Rain Forest Nectars were unavailable. Total sales in the category were down 7.1 percent in the 52 weeks ending March 1, according to Information Resources. –Andrew McMains