New Campaigns

Client: Salomon North America, Georgetown, Mass.
Agency: Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis
Creative Director: Kerry Casey
Copywriter: Tom Camp
Art Directors: Paul Asao/Jeff Terwilliger
Photographers: Per Breiehagen, Mark Gallup Producer: Stacy Richards
Carmichael Lynch’s first campaign for Salomon North America uses wry humor to showcase the confidence and purity the company says its equipment gives skiers. Sparse copy sets up the perfect skier’s moment: “It’s not about fiberglass and torque reinforcements. It is about finding death’s door, ringing the doorbell and running like hell,” one ad reads. Other executions talk about moments of experimentation, focus and complete control.
The copy then shows a series of pictures showing professional skiers Wendy Fisher, Jason Ford, Kina Pickett and Tayt Tindal. The print-only campaign is currently running in ski enthusiast magazines. –Aaron Baar
Client: Consumers Energy, Jackson, Mich.
Agency: Bozell Worldwide, Southfield, Mich.
Creative Director: Mark Simon
Copywriters: Tom Topolewski and Terry Ayrault
Art Directors: Doug Blanchard, Eric Olis and Don DeFilippo
Producer: Sue Atwell
Bozell employs a humorous approach when telling consumers they can combat their heating and appliance problems by using services from Consumers Energy. In “Dog Dish,” a man draped in many layers of clothing sits dazed, holding his remote, flipping through the TV channels as his poor dog stares down at a frozen water dish in another room.
It’s not until Rover appears with his tongue stuck to the block of ice in the bowl that the man realizes it is time to contact Consumers Energy for help.
In “Milk,” a groggy man goes to the refrigerator for a gulp of milk straight from the carton–only to have chunks of milk splatter on his face. “Before your fridge goes on the fritz, call Consumers Energy and ask us about our appliance service plan,” advises the voiceover. The spots run in Michigan markets in November.
–Tanya Gazdik
Client: Associated Bank, Green Bay, Wis.
Agency: William Eisner & Associates, Hales Corners, Wis.
Creative Director: Chuck Schiller
Art Director: Scott Conklin
Copywriter: Scott Lynch
Photographers: North Sullivan, Dave Gilo, Mika Manninen
Stream of purchaseness” was what the creative staffers at Eisner called the insight behind their campaign for the new HomePower Equity Card from Associated Bank. The card offers a line of credit based on home equity.
One print ad shows two large diamond earrings placed over copy, which tells the story of a man who went to buy lures to go fishing. That move, in turn, led to a series of events that made him realize his wedding anniversary was the next day. Thus, he purchases the earrings with his HomePower card.
Other ads take a similar approach. For example, one boasts a safari photo that was the end result of a guy buying a stapler. He winds up going for coffee, but decides “to be adventurous. I get an Espresso. And it was great, which makes me want to be adventurous more often.”
Another features a backyard pool purchased by a man who began his day only wanting bacon bits for his salad.
The idea behind the ads is to tout what the bank calls the card’s great advantages: It can be used to buy the smallest, everyday purchase one day, yet have the financial clout to purchase a second car or a lavish, luxury gift the next. –Trevor Jensen