New Campaigns


Client: Kansas Health Foundation, Wichita, Kan.
Agency: Sullivan, Higdon & Sink, Wichita
Creative Director: Joe Norris
Art Director: Diane Johnson
Copywriter: Bob Hamrick
Director: Jim Wheeler Agency
Producer: Tina Walterscheid
Photographer: Dan Moore
If the issues surrounding tobacco use were easy to address, the problem would have been solved long ago. Sullivan, Higdon & Sink eschews flashy, MTV-style rants about the dangers of smoking in favor of a straight-talk approach–wives telling husbands and children telling parents that secondhand smoke can harm nonsmokers. There are no holier-than-thou pleas to get anyone to quit–they haven’t worked. Instead, the $4 million campaign simply offers a low-key request, repeated in TV spots and print ads as a tagline: “Let’s take it outside.” Focus groups showed smokers “are ambivalent about their smoking and careful around others, if approached correctly,” said Tammy Allen, SH&S account manager. –Scott Hume

Client: Minneapolis Star Tribune
Agency: Gabriel Diericks Razidlo, Minneapolis
Creative Director: Tom Gabriel
Art Director: Wayne Thompson
Copywriter: Tom Gabriel
Animator: Jason Kuehn
The wealth of information offered in the Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune is the focus of a fall and winter TV campaign for the Minneapolis daily from Gabriel Diericks Razidlo. The spots are simple works of animation suggesting that the viewer’s many interests–and some new potential areas of fascination as well–can be found each week in the pages of the newspaper. In one spot, amoebic cells float on the screen, as a voiceover asks, “Want to stretch a little?” The cells then morph into various forms, from a football to an opera singer. “You might just discover a few new sections of yourself,” the voiceover suggests. Two 30-second spots were produced. The first, “Stretch,” highlights all the topics covered by the Sunday Star Tribune. The second, “Self-fulfillment,” promotes a contest the newspaper is sponsoring. –Trevor Jensen

Client: First Indiana Bank, Indianapolis
Agency: Young & Laramore, Indianapolis
Executive Creative Director: David Young
Creative Director: Mark Bradley
Copywriter: Tim Abare
Art Director: Matt Lockett
Director: Thomas Zimmerman, Thomas
Productions, Chicago Flame
Effects: Greg Huber, Avenue Edit, Chicago
Holding companies have gobbled up many of Indiana’s banks, but First Indiana Bank remains proudly independent and locally owned. That difference is the focus of a new TV campaign from Young & Laramore, a proudly independent Indianapolis agency. The spots use the friendly voiceover of a First Indiana bank manager, identified only as “Freda,” who asks questions such as, “When a mega-bank from another time zone swallows up your bank, where does that put you?” The questions are coupled with surreal visuals of people lost in an impersonal sea of numbers.
Freda herself appears at the close, asking more questions, such as “Why not move to a bank that still grows one person at a time?” and “Why not move to a bank that’s still focused on banking instead of making deals?” –Scott Hume