New Campaigns

Client: Hobart Corp., Troy, Ohio
Agency: Hensley Segal Rentschler, Cincinnati
Creative Director: Thomas B. Rentschler
Jr. Copywriter: Paul Singer
Art Director: John Pattison
Photographer: Joe Baraban
Hensley Segal Rentschler delivers a series of flashy, bright spread ads in its first image campaign for Hobart, a worldwide marketer of food equipment systems and services. The Cincinnati agency’s business-to-business campaign forgoes static equipment depictions, choosing instead to catch readers’ attention with arresting photography that communicates Hobart’s understanding of the restaurant industry. Using the tagline, “Solid equipment. Sound advice,” the print ads provide a toll-free number and Web address where consumers can go for further information.
–Scott Hume

Client: Norwalk Furniture, Norwalk, Ohio
Agency: Wyse Advertising, Cleveland
Creative Director/Copywriter: Lane Strauss
Creative Director/Art Director: Bob Calmer
Producer: Michael Chaney
Norwalk Furniture takes its J. Raymond line to TV for the first time in this campaign, and Wyse Advertising makes it a humorous debut.
One 30-second spot, “The Uninvited,” shows a skunk sneaking into a house and, unfortunately, reacting as skunks do when they’re startled. “Sometimes you decide to get new furniture. Sometimes the decision is made for you,” says the voiceover, without overtly suggesting viewers check the aroma of their own aging furniture.
The second spot cleverly focuses on a family throwing out its old sofa when the new J. Raymond model arrives.
The throwaway quickly becomes someone else’s pickup. “Know what’s great about getting new furniture?” the voiceover asks. “Somebody else gets new furniture, too.”
Both spots end with the tagline, “J. Raymond. Exactly what you’ve been looking for.” Spots target consumers on behalf of the 650 independent dealers that market the J. Raymond line.
–Scott Hume