New Campaigns

Client: Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, Prior Lake, Minn.
Agency: Kruskopf Olson, Minneapolis
Creative Director: Sue Kruskopf
Copywriter: Dan Mackaman
Art Director: Bill Whitney
Prior Lake, Minn., is admittedly not the most well-known of travel destinations. Rather than hide that fact, though, Kruskopf Olson’s latest campaign for the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel plays it up. In one TV spot, a voiceover intones over visuals of the Egyptian desert: “From the furthest reaches of the globe, people venture to the Pyramids only to find … mummies.” Live entertainment and good times, the spot then suggests, are found at Mystic Lake. The campaign is tagged, “The magic’s at Mystic.”
Other TV executions continue the jabs, using other notable landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Colosseum and Easter Island’s gigantic heads. (“Who the heck are those guys?” the spot asks.) Inviting further comparison, the spots prominently feature the casino’s own landmark–the distinctive “tepee of lights” that shines above the complex every night.
The campaign, which also includes outdoor and print ads, aims to present Mystic Lake as a place to have fun close to home, and attempts to differentiate it from other area gaming establishments such as Treasure Island and Grand Casino.
“Every other casino talks about bringing Las Vegas to Minnesota,” says copywriter Dan Mackaman. “Mystic Lake has evolved beyond that.” –Aaron Baar