New Campaigns

Client: Marina Rinaldi, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Agency: Dente & Cristina, New York
Creative Director: Barbara Dente
Copywriter: Donna Cristina
Art Director: Daniel Irons
Photographer: Anders Overgaard
Plus-size clothing marketer Marina Rinaldi’s first U.S. ad campaign promotes the view, “Style is not a size it’s an attitude”–a philosophy that also serves as its tagline. The designer is celebrating the opening of its first two freestanding U.S. stores, in New York and Beverly Hills, Calif., with a branding effort from Dente & Cristina. Two print ads, targeting women aged 30-45, feature stark black-and-white photos of stuntwoman Amanda Boggs. The intent is to show women breaking the rules of fashion, demonstrating that style is a state of mind and women of all sizes can soar. Although the ads were created for the U.S., the new work will also run internationally, replacing the client’s standard fashion ads created in-house. Rinaldi, which is owned by Italian clothier MaxMara, is hoping to woo the almost 65 percent of American women who wear size 12 or higher and are likely to shop for such better-known labels as Anne Klein, Ellen Tracy and Dana Buchman. Maria Rinaldi clothing is sold in upscale department stores including Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom and is available internationally in 600 stores across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. (The new stores are located on Madison Avenue in Manhattan and on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.) The campaign, shot at turn-of-the-century financier Otto Kahn’s estate in Long Island, N.Y., breaks in October issues of Mode, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and W. Print and outdoor efforts in New York and Los Angeles also support. The client will spend about $500,000 behind the fall and winter effort, and anticipates an annual budget of $1-2 million. –Sloane Lucas

Client: Toshiba America, New York
Agency: Heitner Weiss, New York
Creative Directors: Michael Heitner, John Weiss
Art Director: Tiffany Young
Copywriters: David Brown, John Weiss
Heitner Weiss plays up the state-of-the-art features of Toshiba televisions in a new print campaign, the client’s first advertising for the line in more than two years. With several competitors set to roll out big-ticket home entertainment systems, Toshiba is eager to become top of mind among holiday shoppers. The first print ad features two of Toshiba’s new 65-inch, rear-projection digital TVs (which sell for $7,200 a pop). One shows a female model onscreen, the other a male model, to play up the “chemistry” between the wide-screen televisions and Toshiba’s Digital Video Disc players, which produce a clearer picture than conventional VCRs. The theme, “Watch Toshiba,” alludes to both the company and its TVs, said Michael Heitner, agency president. “In touch with tomorrow,” the client’s corporate tagline, remains. By showcasing Toshiba’s most advanced products, the company hopes to convince consumers of its superior technological prowess, Heitner said. The rear-projection model was selected because it has received favorable reviews from consumer electronics magazines. While lower-end televisions are considered more of a “price buy,” brand names are more important when potential buyers are sifting through premium models, he said. Two more ads will run through the fourth quarter and will continue the “product-as-hero” approach. The pieces all use clean, simple shots of Toshiba’s televisions against a white background. Ads break in September home electronics books such as Home Theatre and AV Interiors. Heitner Weiss won the $3-4 million ad assignment last month. Sony is the dominant player in the consumer electronics market; competitors, which are likely to break their own efforts this fall, include Mitsubishi and Panasonic.
–Justin Dini