New Campaigns

Client: General Motors’ Oldsmobile division, Lansing, Mich. Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago Managing Creative Director: Dan Heagy Copywriters: Gary Korrub, Charley Wickman Art Directors: Mike Andrews, Scott Smith, Dave Geeting Director: Peter Care, Satellite Films, Hollywood, Calif.
Oldsmobile takes a new direction in its advertising with a flashy campaign from its national agency, Leo Burnett, for the all-new Olds Alero sedan. Two 30-second teaser spots are both divided into 15-second segments. “Girls/Birthday” intertwines shots of screaming teenyboppers with quick shots of running footage of the car. Electronic music blasts as red ovals appear on the screen, first spelling out the word “Start” and then “to scream.” The segment ends with “Alero” spelled out in the same red ovals and the words “Coming soon” followed by the Olds logo and the words “Start something.” The second segment has the same pattern, except the screaming girls are replaced by scenes from a child’s birthday party.
“The spots are trying to communicate a certain way of thinking and living,” said Burnett representative Matthew Jones. “It speaks to a consumer set that is very new to Oldsmobile.” –Tanya Gazdik

Client: United Dairy Farmers, Norwood, Ohio Agency: Northlich Stolley LaWarre, Cincinnati Art Director: Diana Westendorf Copywriter: Jon Wagner
How closely does United Dairy Farmers’ Homemade Brand ice cream capture the true taste of its flavors? “If it were any more like the real thing, it wouldn’t really be ice cream anymore,” says the copy on each of three print ads for the premium line.
This playful concept–that Homemade Brand’s flavor is so realistic that it’s practically the real thing–gives the ads their visual hook, too, with the ice cream shown to be basically interchangable with the very source of the flavors it’s imitating. For example, scoops of ice cream replace cherry cordials in a candy box in one ad. In another, they take the place of strawberries in a basket. The third in the series puts a scoop between the top and bottom layers of an Oreo-like cookie.
Each of the ads is anchored by the tag, “Nothing tastes better than Homemade.”
“This campaign dramatizes the distinct Homemade Brand taste experience,” said Rad Wakefield, Northlich Stolley LaWarre’s vice president and management supervisor on the account. “The Cherry Cordial flavor is so true, it’s like biting into a real cherry cordial.”
Along with the ad campaign, United Dairy Farmers has given Homemade Brand new packaging, seen in the print executions, which are running in TV Guide and People in 10 Midwest markets. The campaign also includes outdoor versions of the ads. –Scott Hume

Client: Pep Boys-Manny, Moe and Jack, Philadelphia Agency: DDB Needham Chicago Group Creative Director: Richard DiLallo Art Director: Tom Murphy Copywriter: Sean Bryan
DDB Needham’s first work for Pep Boys since winning the $40 million account in April suggests that the auto parts and repair stores offer a kind of nirvana for fix-it-minded men. The tagline for each of four new 30-second TV spots, “Pep Boys. Cars like us. People love us,” is delivered by animated heads representing Manny, Moe and Jack, the first time the caricatures of the chain’s founders have been seen in advertising since 1990. Going to Pep Boys, these ads suggest, is not an unpleasant weekend chore necessitated by a balky beater, but a fascinating and fun journey for amateur grease monkeys.
One spot spoofs Titanic, as men are seen floating blissfully through space, arms back and eyes closed. A wider shot shows they’re riding atop carts through the aisles of a Pep Boys store. Another spot has a customer testing store employees on the availability of parts. He knows he’s beaten when they produce an EGR valve for a ’74 Gremlin. Spots are airing on broadcast, cable and spot TV. –Trevor Jensen