New Campaigns

Client: MediaOne, Boulder, Colo.
Agency: Wickersham Hunt Schwantner, Boston
Creative Director: Amy Hunt
Art Director: Jodi Manning
Copywriters: Ross Rackliff, Chris Castigagnola
A multimedia effort from Boston-based Wickersham Hunt Schwantner positions MediaOne Express as “The fastest Internet service to your home.”
“Another satisfied customer,” reads the headline of one print ad featuring a cartoon “vapor trail,” suggesting the speed at which users can travel the Net. Copy begins: “You too can use MediaOne Express to download graphics and surf the Net up to 50 times faster than regular telephone lines.” Another ad’s headline simply reads, “Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom,” with copy extolling the benefits of the new cable modem-based system.
“We tried to capture the fun of going where you want to go–fast,” said Amy Hunt, creative director of Wickersham Hunt.
In a 60-second radio ad, a public address announcer informs a wildly cheering crowd, “Great news. We’re going to wait another 15 minutes for Ray to show up before starting. There is now a 10-minute wait to use the men’s room . . . and a 20-minute wait for the ladies’ room!” A voiceover concludes: “Some people don’t mind waiting. For the rest of us, there’s MediaOne Express.”
The ads, which feature a toll-free information number and promise a 50 percent discount on installation, will run nationally through the end of the year, Hunt said. All executions are tagged with MediaOne’s corporate positioning line, “This is broadband. This is the way,” developed by lead agency Margeotes/Fertitta + Partners, New York. Media chores are handled by Western International Media, New York. –David Gianatasio
Client: Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence, Boston
Agency: Ingalls Advertising, Boston
Creative Directors: Steve Bautista, Rob Rich
Art Director: Rich Wallace
Copywriter: Martin Davidson
Photographer: Russ Quackenbush
Typographer: Lilly Lee
Headlines in Chinese, Japanese and Khmir, the native language of Cambodia, each reading “Domestic violence is a crime,” grace a print and poster effort for the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence. The group is dedicated to fighting abuse in Greater Boston’s Asian American community.
The pro bono effort includes a trio of moody black-and-white executions showing young Asian women in attitudes of fear, despair or reflection. “It was the husband who beat her but it was a culture that paralyzed her,” one ad begins. “A battered Asian woman can lose face in her community if she seeks help. Imagine what she could lose if she doesn’t.” Another execution reads: “For some women, it is customary to cover a bruise with an excuse. Keeping problems within the family is a belief tightly held by the Asian culture. In some cases, too tightly.”
“It’s easy to tackle a social problem with an ad campaign that jars and disturbs the reader,” said Ingalls creative director Steve Bautista. “But to do it with restraint and taste is infinitely more difficult. That’s what this campaign does.” –David Gianatasio
Client: W.B. Mason, Brockton, Mass.
Agency: Baldwin & Stone, Cambridge, Mass.
Creative Director/Copywriter: Paul Stone
Art Director: Debra Elliott
Director: Bob Noll
A 30-second commercial for W.B. Mason plays like a spoof of classic war movies and portrays the company’s spokescharacter as the heroic leader of an army that bravely delivers office supplies to needy workers.
The black-and-white commercial from Baldwin & Stone shows a mustachioed Mason visiting his troops and presenting awards for their hard work. As fighter planes swoop down to pummel the ground with bullets, the voiceover explains that the army’s “undaunted next-day delivery and superior service under fire from office superstores” set them apart.
“Let gold-star service shine for you, and you’ll never scramble for office supplies again,” claims the voiceover.
The spot concludes with a tearful man on a crutch asking, “Who are those wonderful people?” The answer is found in the tagline, “Who but W.B. Mason?” which the agency has used since landing the business 12 years ago. Annual ad spending through Baldwin & Stone is believed to be in the low seven figures.
W.B. Mason offers overnight delivery service of office supplies from Eastern Massachusetts to Providence, R.I., and has two retail stores in the Bay State.
–Sarah Jones