New Campaigns

Client: Citizens Bank, Providence, R.I.
Agency: Ingalls Advertising, Boston
Creative Director: Steve Bautista
Art Director: Jim Cameron
Copywriter: Eivind Ueland
Agency Producer: Peggy Fenchak Fitzgerald
Director: Ron Gross
The newest television spot by Ingalls Advertising for Citizens Bank lampoons the ubiquitous Publishers Clearinghouse commercials. All the familiar elements are present: the intrusive prize patrol, a smarmy announcer and the just-awakened winner. But there’s a catch in the bank’s ad: The lucky recipient, a Citizens Bank customer, is not the least bit impressed. The client’s services and products-in this case, its home equity offerings-make winning a fortune seem “typical.” The campaign uses the tagline, “Not your typical bank.”
The spot is the last TV execution Ingalls will produce for the client this year, said agency official Steve Bautista, who proclaimed the positioning and humorous tone a success. “People recall the bank’s name unprompted” when asked which local institution is “not your typical bank,” Bautista said. “You don’t always have to be so serious” in bank ads, he added.
The commercial is now breaking in spot TV buys in Boston, Providence, R.I., and Manchester, N.H. -David Gianatasio

Client: The Vermont Department of Health, Burlington, Vt.
Agency: Paul Kaza Associates, South Burlington, Vt.
Creative Director: Paul Kaza
Copywriters: Stuart Wood, Glenn Ravdin
Art Directors: Karin Johnson, Ryan Widrig
Not even the mountains of Vermont can shield people from the spread of AIDS. Rather than employing fear tactics, however, the state’s first AIDS-prevention campaign in a decade, created by Paul Kaza Associates for the Vermont Department of Health, uses humor and boudoir props.
Two 30-second TV spots open with a male voiceover asking, “What do you take to bed?” The question is answered with a series of objects: a leopard-print bra, a leather-clad teddy bear, a television remote control and grapes. The voiceover concludes, “We may feel safe in Vermont, but we’re not immune to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Don’t take a chance . . . Take a condom.”
“We have a really diverse group we wanted to reach: teens, the whole straight population and the gay population. The biggest challenge was to . . . speak to these groups without being a turnoff,” said creative director Paul Kaza. -Sarah Jones

Client: Gartner Group, Stamford, Conn.
Agency: Mintz & Hoke, Avon, Conn.
Creative Director: Chris Knopf
Copywriters: Kirt Snyder, Grant Sanders
Art Director: Don Carter
When Bill Gates accepted an invitation to speak at its annual Symposium/ ITxpo, Gartner Group needed to spread the word. For the second consecutive year, Mintz & Hoke was called on to promote the October conference.
In one print execution, black copy on a bright-yellow background reads, “Picture Nostradamus with a pocket protector.” The ad includes an invitation to the symposium and a promise that “You’ll . . . rub elbows with our panel of IT giants and more than 200 Gartner Group analysts. You don’t need a mystic to tell you not to miss this one.”
The agency’s creative goal was to get the word out to those who don’t know about the conference but should, Knopf said. “We wanted [the tone of the invitation] to be like somebody you wanted to stand next to at a cocktail party.”
Print executions are scheduled to run through the end of September in publications such as Forbes, Computerworld and Information Week. -Sarah Jones

The mixed-media campaign also includes direct mail, brochures and posters.

“If you really are at the top, you can afford to have a personality without sounding bombastic and self-serving,” Knopf said, referring to the symposium.