New Campaigns

Client: Fiji Natural Artesian Water, Palm Beach, Fla. Agency: Ryan Drossman & Partners, New York Creative Director/Copywriter: Neil Drossman Art Director: Gary McKinley Photographer: John Manno
To reach urban, upscale premium water drinkers who would otherwise drink Evian or Volvic, Fiji’s text-heavy introductory print ad uses geography, science, history and nature to persuade consumers to try the brand. Ryan Drossman & Partners’ copy traces the product’s 450-year journey from the rain clouds over Vitu Levu to plastic bottles on the shelf. The words are accompanied by a map, a diagram of a volcanic aquifer and photos of Fijian flowers in a rain forest. The ad explains that Fiji’s filtration process begins with raindrops falling into “highlands and pristine tropical forests Drop by drop, it would pass through the elaborate filtration system that nature, in its infinite wisdom, had set up for just such occasions.” The ad concludes, “We’re sure you’ll agree, it was worth the 450-year wait.” The tagline is: “The evolution of water.” Eventually, packaging will also carry the “Evolution” tag. (“Bottled at source” currently appears on containers.) Fiji, which was launched last year, has earmarked about $1 million for the campaign, including advertising and in-store promotions.
Ads break in the programs for various sports events, the first of which will be the Hamlet Cup golf tournament on Long Island in late August, followed by the Hampton Classic horse show and the NFL Cadillac Golf Tournament in New Jersey. The client opted to place its first ads
in sports publications because it wants to link the product to health and fitness, said Neil Drossman, the agency’s partner and creative director. His shop won the account in April. RD&P plans to roll out this and other executions in consumer magazines during summer 1999. Fiji
is available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Palm Beach, Fla., and Los Angeles and is currently seeking nationwide distribution.
–Sloane Lucas
Client: Bordeaux Wine Bureau of France, New York Agency: Culver Associates, New York
Creative Director: Hubert Graf Art Director: Simon Chan Copywriter: Dan Hanover
Bordeaux wines have an image problem, according to agency president Chris
Culver: “In America, Bordeaux has a perception as being high-end and out of people’s reach.” The Wine Bureau is hoping that three new print ads targeting 25-to-34-year-olds will reposition its wines as a casual accompaniment to standard fare. Culver’s previous advertising had pitched Bordeaux as a wine that goes with anything from asparagus tips to nachos, but “we needed to create a lifestyle situation [in the ads] that was all-American to further the idea” that Bordeaux wines are suitable in everyday settings, Culver said. Out went last year’s shots of food arranged in the shape of the client’s bow-tie logo and in came pictures of couples having fun during social occasions. The first ad, which started running in June, shows a couple at a party eating chips with their wine. The second, breaking later this month, depicts people drinking Bordeaux at a backyard barbecue. The final ad, appearing in October magazines, shows the wine accompanying a couple’s fondue meal. In each, the couples laugh as they arrange their food in the bow-tie shape. Copy urges readers to explore Bordeaux in their home cooking. The tagline is: “Bordeaux, always ˆ propos.” Bordeaux competes mainly with California wines, which consumers perceive as more affordable, according to Culver. The client is hoping that regular shoppers with a more sophisticated palate will jump at the chance to buy the higher-quality French alternative for about $10 per bottle. Ads will run in style magazines including Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Saveur, Wine Spectator, Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, Metropolitan Home and InStyle, as well as The New York Times. The bureau will spend roughly $1 million on this campaign, about the same as last year. –Lori Lefevre