New Campaigns

Client: Goya Foods, Secaucus, N.J.
Agency: Lopez Negrete Communications, Houston
Creative Director/Copywriter/Producer: Javier Gonz‡lez Herba
Art Directors: Luis Gonz‡lez, Jaime Belden
Director: Locke Bryan
In a back-to-school promotion promoting its repackaged Nectars canned fruit drinks, Goya Foods is touting “M‡s fruta, m‡s sabor” in both broadcast and outdoor ads. Besides the new-look aluminum cans, the work focuses on the product’s Latino-inspired fruit flavors (guava, mango, pineapple, pear, tamarind and passion fruit), according to the agency. The 30-second TV spot, titled “La Escuelita,” and 60-second radio commercials will run through December in Lopez Negrete’s assigned markets in Texas, California and Chicago. The ads will target mothers while soliciting children’s acceptance. Other media include billboards and point-of-purchase displays featuring photography by Brian Kuntz. Goya Foods has worked with Lopez Negrete since 1995. The agency has helped the client expand beyond its traditional East Coast Caribbean customer base to attract consumers of Mexican descent in its assigned markets. Lopez also handles Goya’s array of canned beans. The client’s annual billings are estimated at $2 million at the shop. –Glen Fest
Client: DeHaven Eye Clinic, Tyler, Texas
Agency: Regian & Wilson Advertising & Public Relations, Fort Worth, Texas
Creative Director: Kevin Mote
Art Director: Susan Shalowitz
Copywriter: Kim Smith
Producer: Steve Regian
People who wear corrective lenses have usually reacted only one way when faced with another vision-impairing scratch or a dried-out contact lens: They lived with it. In new television and outdoor advertising, DeHaven Eye Clinic shows how to overcome those vision problems by utilizing its new corrective laser surgery procedures. In two 15-second television commercials (airing back-to-back in 30-second spot buys), a pair of glasses gets stomped to pieces and two contact lenses are flushed down the commode, presumably after their owners underwent the clinic’s eye surgery procedures. Each TV spot is narrated, “Laser vision correction at DeHaven Eye Clinic allows you to do the kinds of things you’ve always wanted.” Each ad ends with the tagline, “See for yourself.” The outdoor execution complements the broadcast spots’ seek and destroy message, with headlines reading, “Make your contacts permanently disposable” and “Lose your glasses for good.” The campaign will air in East Texas markets through November 1999. A direct mail component is part of the effort. –G.F.
Client: The Dallas Morning News
Agency: DDB Needham Dallas
Creative Directors: Jim Hord, Carl Warner
Art Director: Warner
Copywriters: Hord, Wade Alger, Bonnie Sharp
Producer: Jenni Roy
Reading a morning newspaper is usually done quietly over coffee at home or the office. For six Dallas celebrities, however, soaking up the news is actually a part of their well-known routines in a new subscription push for the daily. The ads feature well-known Big D get-abouts, like retailer Stanley Marcus reading a newspaper displayed on a suit rack. Olympic track star Michael Johnson has his paper spread out before him as he prepares to burst out of a starter’s block, while 7-foot 8-inch Mavericks center Shawn Bradley easily peruses a sports section displayed on a basketball backboard. Each ad explains this is how the local celebrity reads it, then asks, “How do you read it?” The new tagline is: “Delivering something different to everyone.” The campaign broke earlier this month in outdoor, newspaper (of course) and a series of 60-second radio ads airing in the Metroplex area. Outdoor messages are displayed at 12 sites around the city. Other personalities used in endorsements include singer Lisa Loeb, professional golfer Justin Leonard and Dallas Symphony Orchestra conductor Andrew Litton. The advertising campaign will continue into 1999. –G.F.