Client: Toyota Motor Sales, Torrance, Calif.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Pacific, Torrance, Calif.

Creative Director: Joe McDonagh

Art Director: Walt Harris

Copywriter: Shane Strudwick

Producer: Jonathan Whitehead

Toyota’s 1997 Motorsports campaign is its most aggressive push to date in advertising its involvement on the race car circuit. ‘The amount of work is at least three times Toyota’s typical effort in terms of creative,’ said Saatchi creative director Joe McDonagh. The client is stepping outside motorsports media and into more mainstream programming and publications to position itself as a major player in racing. Print and TV work attempts to humanize drivers and their sport. With vivid analogies, the ads try to explain what it feels like to be behind the wheel of a race car. –Kathy Tyrer


Client: Hollywood Park Race Track, Inglewood, Calif.

Agency: Houston Helm and Co., Los Angeles

Creative Director: Dan Mountain

Art Director: Dennis Mickaelian

Copywriter: Marty Lipkin

Producers: Pat Collins and John Harris

Director: Francis Mohajerian, Megahertz Pictures, Venice, Calif.

Attracting the Gen X crowd to the horse races is the aim of this new campaign. A TV spot, which began airing last week, shows a man reading a personal ad. A voiceover reads, ‘Athletic, dark-haired beauty, with fabulous legs, out for a good time.’ The ‘woman’ invites the reader to ‘meet her at the park’ as the spot cuts to racing action. One horse, not surprisingly, is named Dark-Haired Beauty. –Teresa Buyikian


Client: Zions Bank, Salt Lake City

Agency: Williams & Rockwood, Salt Lake City

Creative Director/Art Director: Scott Rockwood

Copywriters: Scott Rockwood and Jack Becker

Producer: Alan O’Conner

Director: Scott Rockwood

In its newest advertising campaign for Zions Bank, agency Williams & Rockwood has created five 30-second television commercials featuring two fictional characters named Mary and Marcia. The jovial women appear in the ads with an unusual ensemble of characters, including a chimpanzee, to promote the ease of using the regional bank’s services. In one television spot, for example, Chim Chim the chimp helps demonstrate how easy it is to get a loan from the bank. Another ad shows the women trying to film a TV commercial to act out the ease of banking with Zions from home, while various disruptions take place on the production set. As Marcia is forced to stop and start her narrative because kids and pets keep interrupting, Mary completes her transaction on a computer. The tagline: ‘Banking wherever, whenever you like.’ This is the first ‘real positioning campaign we’ve done for them,’ said creative director Scott Rockwood. The agency has handled the account for five years. ‘Up until now, we’ve mostly done product promotions,’ Rockwood said.

–Angela Dawson

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