New Campaigns

New England
Client: Peoples Heritage Bank, Portland, Maine
Agency: ReevesDrake, Boston
Art Director: Bill Drake
Copywriter: Dan Reeves
Producer: Mark Henderson, Blue Plate Productions, Portland, Maine
Director of Photography: Donald McIntosh
Olympic gold medal-winning marathon runner Joan Benoit Samuelson and U.S. national ski champion Kirsten Clark star in ReevesDrake’s latest campaign for Peoples Heritage Bank. The effort, set to run through the fall, leverages the notoriety of the athletes to reinforce the client’s positioning as “The bank of Maine.” That tagline graces a trio of 30-second television commercials and a series of print executions running in The Portland Press-Herald and other local newspapers.
One image spot follows Samuelson and Clark on a training run through a pastoral location and then shows them relaxing on the steps of a summer cottage. “By focusing on their relationship with each other and their community, we are reinforcing Peoples’ leadership position in the state,” said ReevesDrake co-creative director Dan Reeves.
Another TV commercial touting the bank’s CollegeQuest savings plan features Samuelson and her children. A third spot shows Clark training at the Shawnee Park ski area and espousing the values that have helped her reach the top.
–David Gianatasio

Client: Deloitte & Touche, Wilton, Conn.
Agency: Keiler & Co., Farmington, Conn.
Creative Director/Copywriter: David Haskell
Art Director: Wayne Waaramaa
Producer: Meegan Hanrahan
Keiler & Co. has created five TV commercials for Deloitte & Touche that focus on the accounting company’s clients. The spots feature images of coffee, an airplane and a young boy munching on cookies to illustrate Deloitte & Touche clients, such as Starbucks, Boeing and Nabisco.
“We’re really trying to get beyond the name now,” said Keiler & Co. art director Wayne Waaramaa. “The purpose of this is to get Deloitte & Touche on a short list of Fortune 100 companies that have a need for professional services. [Deloitte & Touche] has to have an image of having a relationship with high-quality customers,” he added.
The spots broke on CNN’s in-flight and airport network, the Golf Channel and Bloomberg Business News and are supported by print ads appearing in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune and Golf Digest.
Deloitte & Touche spent $1.8 million on ads in the first half of this year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. Last spring, when Keiler broke its first television work for the client, spending reached the $10 million level. –Sarah Jones

Client: H.P. Hood, Chelsea, Mass.
Agency: Partners & Simons, Boston
Creative Director: Jeff Billig
Art Director: Anthony Henriques
Copywriters: John Welsh, Jeff Billig
Producer: Debbie Finlayson
Light makes the world brighter. Those in the dairy business, however, see it as an enemy because of its damaging effects on milk.
Television commercials from Boston-based Partners & Simons broke recently to address this issue and promote client H.P. Hood’s latest offering: an opaque, plastic milk container called the LightBlock Bottle. Hood is the first dairy company in New England to offer such a product.
In one 30-second spot, bright light takes center stage. A female voiceover warns, “Light. Research proves it breaks down the vitamins and affects the flavor of milk. So in order to protect the vitamins and great taste of Hood milk, we designed our new LightBlock Bottle. Now with vitamin C, Hood is one dairy that’s seen the light. And done something about it.”
“It was a two-sided thing,” said creative director Jeff Billig. Half the work for Hood is very product-specific, he added, but the other half is a constant branding effort, positioning Hood as the dairy experts of New England.
Three 30-second TV commercials and a 60-second radio spot broke two weeks ago and are running indefinitely throughout New England, Billig said. The ads follow a teaser campaign that appeared for a week. Spending was not disclosed.
–Sarah Jones