New Campaigns

Client: General Mills, Minneapolis
Agency: Campbell Mithun Esty, Minneapolis
Creative Director/Copywriter: Cathy Grisham
Executive Producer: Donna Gary
Director: Peter Martinez Music: Wojahn Brothers, Los Angeles
The holiday season is upon us, and far be it from General Mills to be out of the spirit. A new, all-musical TV spot for its Chex Mix cereal snack features Santa Claus as one of many who will enjoy the treat in the coming months. The 15-second spot, which broke last week, begins with a question: “What’s the perfect holiday recipe?” The answer is sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” A sample: “Three cups of Corn Chex. Three cups of Rice Chex. Three Cups of Wheat Chex. Five hungry kids.” With the spot, Campbell Mithun Esty hopes to keep Chex Party Mix the “holiday classic” it has been since it was introduced in 1956. The spot ends with the tagline, “For your party mix, Chex marks the spot,” adapting a line that CME introduced for Chex cereal advertising in June. –Aaron Baar

Client: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Agency: Foley Sackett, Minneapolis
Creative Director: Ron Sackett
Art Director: Tim Moran
Producer: Wendy Johnson-Ness
Director: Jim Lotter
Foley Sackett revisits a scene it first explored for Blue Cross a few years ago–a man waiting uncomfortably in an examination room–and expands it into a series of three spots. In the first spot, the man, wearing just a hospital gown and socks, kills time by spinning in a chair and drumming on glass jars of swabs. In the second spot, he’s joined in the tiny room first by one other patient, then several, then a dozen. The final spot in the campaign has the doctor arriving and then putting the group through a mass exam of their motor skills, creating an awkward chorus line. The three spots work together well, humorously dramatizing worst-case healthcare scenarios while offering Blue Cross as an alternative. The agency is slotting them at the beginning, middle and end of single commercial pods. –Scott Hume

Client: Arctic Cat, Thief River Falls, Minn.
Agency: Periscope, Minneapolis
Executive Creative Director: Mark Haumersen
Art Directors: Brien Spanier, Doug Mickschl
Copywriters: John Lutter, Troy Longie
Director: Charlie Diercks
Two new TV spots from Periscope focus on different aspects of the Arctic Cat snowmobile. The first spot, “Bully,” uses a children’s argument to push the brand’s “in-your-face” attitude, said Mark Haumersen, agency executive creative director. One child taunts another with the familiar, “My father is better than your father” theme. The second boy, fed up, reduces the bully to tears with a simple “My dad owns an Arctic Cat.” In the second spot, a butler tosses priceless objects in the air as targets for his employer’s skeet-shooting practice, suggesting that the Arctic Cat’s Jag snowmobile is a relatively inexpensive way to have fun. Print ads appeal to the “gearhead” contingent of snowmobile buyers, adding power-to-weight ratios and torque capacity to the attitude. All ads are tagged, “What snowmobiling’s all about.” –Aaron Baar