New Blockbuster Ads Evoke Love of Film

Blockbuster Video breaks a brand campaign this week titled “Memories” that shows actors and others reminiscing about their favorite movies.
TV ads from lead agency Doner, Southfield, Mich., will be used as stand-alone branding spots, with some tagged at the end to support the Blockbuster Rewards loyalty program or introduce new releases.
Each ad includes a scene in which people describe scenes from their favorite movies, classics and some new releases. The spots don’t reveal the titles because the company is considering a Web site contest next month asking entrants to guess them.
“These ads celebrate that special bond people have with their favorite movies,” said John DeCerchio, Doner chief creative officer. “People can get very emotional in talking about how they connect with a certain film.”
Even with the actors, the dialogue wasn’t scripted–they are actually talking about their favorite movies.
Twelve 30-second ads air for three weeks on spot local TV and cable before the return of last year’s animated Holiday Giftcard ad.
Blockbuster wouldn’t put a budget on the campaign, but it is due to run into next year and in between promotional periods. Blockbuster spent about $152 million on measured media in 1998, per Competitive Media Reporting, and $96 million through July of 1999.