New B&L TV Spots Air

Three new TV spots by Warwick Baker O’Neill for Bausch & Lomb’s General Eye Care line shift the client’s ad focus from a benefit-specific, problem-solution approach. The new ads tap into the consumer’s association with the preciousness of the eye, in a “celebration of imagery,” according to agency president Kevin O’Neill.
The campaign also unites three products under the B&L brand, and gives “an emotional bond” to the line’s existing messages, according to B&L’s Jeff McLean, vice president, lens care, who oversees the line.
Products in the GEC line had been advertised separately with different taglines, but the client wanted to make better use of “the latent power in the Bausch & Lomb name,” said O’Neill.
One spot introduces Computer Eye Drops, another relaunches Moisture Eyes (previously called Sensitive Eyes) and the third touts Opcon-A, an allergy treatment recently made available without a prescription.
For Moisture Eyes, images of a woman in black chiffon walking in a desert are juxtaposed with images of her diving into a pool and dancing in the rain. “As your eyes mature, they can lose moisture Moisture Eyes instantly refreshes for the life of your eyes, Moisture Eyes,” says a voiceover.
For Opcon-A, people are shown strolling through fields, blowing the petals off dandelions or sitting near flower beds. “Available without a prescription,” reads a caption.
The Computer Eye Drops spot touts the product that “revitalizes tired eyes from computer strain,” according to a voiceover.
All ads carry the new tag: “See how it feels.” The spots for Moisture Eyes and Opcon-A break March 30; The spot for Computer Eye Drops broke last month. An estimated $10 million is behind the push, sources said.
Warwick here has handled General Eye Care since 1993. Media buying is done by Carat MBS here.
Moisture Eyes’ sales declined 4.9 percent in the year ending Feb. 1, per Information Resources. Rival Visine, from Pfizer, declined 3.3 percent.