New Billboard In Town

The Marlboro Man may be moseying off Hollywood’s Sunset Strip next year, but a new cowboy is making his way into town this holiday season.
Asher & Partners, anti-smoking agency for The California Department of Health Services, has created a new public service billboard that will go up around Los Angeles this week. The ad (shown here), which the agency paid for, depicts a rugged-looking cowboy staring off into the distance, with a limp cigarette hanging from his lips. Text below reads: “Warning: Smoking Causes Impotence.”
The billboard, which plays off the results of recent medical studies, will stay up for the next few weeks. The Los Angeles agency introduced the limp cigarette theme in earlier TV spots.
Asher will provide the boards free of charge (beyond applicable production and talent fees) to any nonprofit organization, state or local government or foreign country to deter smoking.
–Teresa Buyikian