This New Agency Uses Old-Fashioned Spectacle With a Futuristic Twist

Magnetic Collaborative's larger-than-life stunts


Who (From left) Jessica Reznick, managing director; Glenn Marck, partner, design; Brian Schultz, partner, production; Rick Rathe, partner, operations; Gary Johnson, director of strategy

What Experiential and promotional marketing agency

Where New York

Even as advertising is becoming more personalized, the idea of marketing on a grand scale is still in demand. No one knows that better than Magnetic Collaborative, a marketing shop with a rare expertise connecting digital to the real world with larger-than-life stunts. It's P.T. Barnum meets Tron. Just last year, Magnetic was behind Google's Android takeover of Times Square with the largest billboard ever. Magnetic is becoming the go-to shop for making big happen at places like the Super Bowl, SXSW and Cannes. "Every project is immensely challenging with massive brand experiences," said Brian Schultz, chief production officer. Last year, the team grew 60 percent and revenue was up 77 percent. What sets Magnetic apart is that it has built a team that doesn't have to outsource the conception and construction of large-scale projects; it has the talent in-house—architects, engineers, designers and account execs.

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