New Ads, New Narrator

Honda will introduce a new voice in its 1998 model year TV ad campaign. Actor Richard Dreyfuss replaces Jack Lemmon, who has been the voiceover narrator in Honda’s TV ads for the past seven years.
Dreyfuss makes his debut in a pair of 30-second Civic spots breaking nationally this week. Produced by American Honda Motor Co. agency Rubin Postaer and Associates in Santa Monica, Calif., the ads are technically reminiscent of Honda’s award-winning “Art Gallery” spot, which featured a moving room.
One of the new ads shows a woman looking through her crowded closet. She is nearly swept away by falling clothes as the closet tilts to one side. As she clings to an overhead bar, the room begins to right itself. A Civic pulls up in front of the now- empty closet. The voiceover says, “The Civic Coupe from Honda. What more do you need?”
The 1998 campaign will continue to use the longtime “Simplify” tag for the Civic model, said RPA president and chief executive officer Gerry Rubin. However, a new tagline will be introduced for the Accord: “An Accord like no other.” -Angela Dawson