Networks Support Anti-Backlash Group

WASHINGTON TV Watch, an advocacy group intended as a counterweight to critics who want a government crackdown on broadcast indecency, launched on Wednesday with supporters including the corporate parents of NBC, CBS and Fox.

The move comes amid continuing controversy over racy content including the appearance of Janet Jackson’s breast during last year’s Super Bowl broadcast on CBS. The debate has been spurred by groups such as the Parents Television Council that use e-mail and publicity campaigns as they demand government action to cleanse the airwaves.

“The debate has been dominated by advocates of increased government control,” said Jim Dyke, executive director of TV Watch. “TV Watch speaks for most Americans today…who want to protect their favorite shows from censorship.”

The New York-based TV Watch said it opposes government control of TV programming and backs the use of parental controls such as program ratings and channel-blocking technologies.

TV Watch listed members including CBS parent Viacom, NBC Universal and Fox parent News Corp., as well as the American Conservative Union and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.