Networks Pull MET-RX Spot

SPN and Fox Sports Net have pulled a TV spot for MET-Rx Engineered Nutrition’s muscle-building supplement androstenedione.
The 30-second spot (shown here), created in-house by the Irvine, Calif., company, broke Sept. 22 during ESPN’s American Muscle bodybuilding program.
It was pulled the next day. Fox Sports Net chose not to air the spot at all.
“Given the debate in the medical sports community, we’ve decided for now not to run androstenedione ads,” said ESPN representative Mike Wade.
The drug raises testosterone levels and builds muscle mass. Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals caused a stir recently when he admitted to taking it. It is not banned in Major League Baseball.
In the spot, former pro bodybuilder Frank Sepe suggests the supplement “can help you add size, strength and cuts without the risk” of steroids.
–Angela Dawson