Network: Active

NEW YORK – The network marketplace remains active, with prime moving, and most other dayparts red-hot. Prime is ‘a little snug – tighter than I’d want it,’ said one buyer, with premiums fixed in the mid-single digits. The nets are telling buyers they collectively need $100 million in prime to close out the quarter. Buyers are automatically, skeptically, pinning the hole at closer to $125 million. Even at the lower figure, noted one network buying chief, ‘that’s a lotta dough – especially at $85,000 a pop.’ That low-unit cost is cited because the only inventory remaining is from the bottom of the barrel – ‘there’s a lot of Briscos, Joe’s Lifes and Theas,’ noted the buying chief. Prime only looks weak compared to other dayparts. Daytime is a runaway, with dollars chasing whatever’s left. CBS, practically sold out, is said to be asking premiums up to 40%; ABC is asking 15-20% and has a bit of time still to sell; NBC is asking 5-10% and is slightly more available. There are avails in the evening newscasts, but the breakfast shows are said to be sold out and even the early-early morning shows are just about gone. Latenight is real tight, with some Chevy money coming back in and buyers in a frenzy for Letterman units. There is kids inventory available, but there doesn’t seem to be much money yet. In sports, ABC has plenty of New York Marathon units left.
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